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Dec 12th 2018

Why Are Window Screens Important?

Why Are Window Screens Important?

Window screens are important to us at Metro Screenworks and we are excited to share with you why they are so impactful on our lives. We believe in their impact so much that we offer a variety of traditional and specialty window screens — we even offer custom window screens! Read today’s blog to learn about all the benefits that window screens can provide for you and your home, and shop Metro Screenworks’ full inventory of window screens online! We are your Top Rated National® custom window screen provider and have been since 1979. Shop our store online.

The 8 Benefits of Window Screens

Window screens aren’t things that we give much thought to. We open a window and hopefully they are just there doing whatever they do to make our lives better. Today, we are going to look at why window screens are so important and how they have forever enhanced our modern quality of life.

Keep the Bugs Out

No matter what type of screen you invest in you can assume that, if it is installed correctly and doesn’t have any holes in it that it will keep the bugs out. This is the original reason why screens were invented. When screens were not used, bugs seemed to get into everything — imagine the last picnic that you had and how the bugs just seemed to find their way into everything and think about dealing with their nuisance all the time. You would have no protection from mosquitos who could bite you at will while you sleep. You would find flies walking around on all your food, leaving their disease-ridden footprints on everything, and spiders would be even more prevalent in your home.

Protect Us From Disease

Because pests such as mosquitos and flies no longer have free reign to fly and walk around our homes whenever they please, as a modern society we suffer from less diseases related to pests. Before window screens began to be used, in the 1930s nearly one-third of those living in the Southeastern part of the United States suffered from malaria. Since then, cases of malaria have significantly decreased — almost eradicating the disease from the U.S. According to some, the increased risk for modern diseases carried by mosquitoes such as West Nile and even yellow fever is due to modern homeowners and others not installing window screens in their homes. Though to some window screens look ugly or may seem like one more home expense, the protection they provide against disease is unquestionable.

Keep Other Pests Out

Screens also keep other pests out such as raccoons, squirrels, birds, and even humans who are up to no good. Though we wouldn’t consider most birds and other small critters, pests, these animals, if let loose in our homes would be pests. They would get into our food, poop on our carpets, and destroy our homes. They could also transmit serious diseases such as rabies. If you have had the exhilarating experience of having to catch or chase a squirrel, bat, bird, or even a bear — don’t try and chase a bear out of your home; it’s dangerous — out of your home, you can thank your screens that that experience has been limited to a one time event.

Offers Curb Appeal

Screens also offer curb appeal. Having screens and having clean, well-maintained screens can make a good first impression when it comes to home-buyers. You can’t make a second first-impression, so when you put your home on the market it is a good idea to make sure your screens are in tip-top shape. You can have a wonderful looking home on the inside, but if the outside is dirty or leaves something to be desired, you can bet that you may have a hard time selling your home or getting what you want for it — clean those screens!

Acts As a Dirt Splash

Your window screens may be dirty because they act as a protectant against dirt and mud splashing on your windows. If you are wondering why your friends without window screens are always complaining about how dirty their windows are or having to wash their windows several times a year and you can’t commiserate, it’s time to thank your window screens. Your window screens provide some protection against dust, dirt, and other elements that can make your windows look grungy. Next time when it is time to do some spring cleaning, give your screens some love.

Is an Insulator

Window screens can also act as insulators to keep heat in during the cold winter months and cool air in during the sweltering months of summer. Screens may not help to keep temperature regulation in your home as it should be as much as sealed windows and the argon and krypton between your window panes might, but they definitely contribute! As a result, be sure to mend all holes and tears in your window screens even during the winter to keep all that heat inside.

Can Deflect Water

Screens also deflect water as well. Though you may still want to invest in storm windows during the rainiest and stormiest months of the year, screens do their part to deflect water from your home. Water that seeps into your home can cause water damage and mold damage — which can not only impact your health causing even death, but can also compromise the structural integrity of your home. Screens can keep water and mold at bay.

Provide Other Benefits

Basic window screens provide all of the benefits that we have already discussed. However, they can offer so much more such as protection against sun damage, durability against wear and tear of pets, hail, and other damaging elements, more visibility than traditional screens, a vintage look, protection against no-see-um pests, and more. Specialty window screens may be more of an investment than traditional fiberglass screens. However, the benefits that they provide will far outweigh the initial cost.

Specialty Screen & Benefits

Specialty screens allow you to get more out of your window screens, screen doors, and screened-in porch. From air filtration benefits to solar protection to added beauty, there is a window screening material out there that can accommodate your needs. Keep reading to learn more about the available screening materials we offer at Metro Screenworks and be sure to  shop our online screen store. If you have questions, contact us — we would love to help you!

Air Filtration Screen

Air Filtration Screen

Purpose: Filters pollen, fly ash, bacteria, hair, and agricultural and airborne dust. [Make this sentence prominent or place in a diagram

Metro Screenworks air filtration screens are the answer to enjoying fresh air no matter the season or how much allergies affect you. Our air filtration screen keeps irritants and allergens outside your home while allowing fresh air in. Though our air filtration screens aren’t the first on the market, they are the best, and here is why:

Air Filtration Screen Benefits:

  • Filters particles as small as 300 nanometers — compared to regular screen that can only keep out particles that measure 2,000,000 nanometers

  • Has high permeability allowing for best air circulation — 80-85% porosity 

  • Constructed with 3-layers for durability

  • Blocks 95% of rain and water

  • Blocks 90% of UV light and 50% of infrared light

Metro Screenworks provides air filtration screen that can not only keep pollen and other allergens out but also provide a variety of other benefits. To experience the benefits for yourself, order yours today! We offer our air filtration screen as complete screens to replace your entire existing screen and frame, or in screen rolls to allow you to install it in your old frames or however you see fit.

"Ready to breathe easy? Shop air filtration screen"

Learn More About Air Filtration Screens

To learn more about these innovative screens or why fresh air is so important for your health, follow the links below:

Solar screen - provides sun protection   •   Super screen - durability   •   No-See-Um - keep the smallest bugs out


Solar Screen 

Purpose: Provides protection against sunlight and UV rays. Available in 65%, 80%, and 90% strength. [Make this sentence prominent or place in a diagram]

Metro Screenworkssolar screen provides just what you need to protect your home and family from harmful UV rays. Sunlight is pleasant to enjoy especially on cooler days, and it provides antibacterial qualities. However, the sun can be incredibly destructive for anything exposed to its UV rays for an extended amount of time. 

Have you ever left a tool or you patio chairs outside or your child has left a toy outside? After some time, you have probably noticed the item to be discolored, cracking, brittle, and weakened. The sun can create the same kind of damage to objects in our home that are consistently exposed to sunlight. For example: 

  • Woodwork can fade and degenerate at an alarming rate

  • Fabrics can discolor and become brittle

  • Artwork can become ruined

It isn’t just protection from the sun’s damaging UV rays; solar screen can help your home become more energy efficient by keeping more sunlight and infrared energy out.

Solar Screen Benefits:  

  • Protects your home, family, furniture, and artwork from sun damage

  • Increases your home’s energy efficiency

  • Provides some privacy, while still providing excellent visibility

  • Available in a variety of strengths - 65%, 80%, 90%

Available in complete screens and in screen rolls

new-cta-2.pngLearn More About Solar Screen

Learn more about the benefits of solar screen and why having screens you can rely on is important for your health: 

Air filtration screens - sun protection and pollen protection   •   Super screen - super durability with some solar protection


Super Screen

Purpose: Enhanced durability — 3 times stronger than regular screen

Nothing is more frustrating than having to replace your screen sooner than you expected. There are a lot of things that can create wear on our screens and puncture them including: 

  • Pets

  • Pests 

  • Children

  • Weather (such as hail)

  • Wind

  • And other outdoor elements

Finally, there is a screen that can provide you with the durability and longevity that you desire for your screens — super screen. Super screen has a 10-year warranty and is three times stronger than traditional screen; this vinyl-coated polyester material is resistant to tears and punctures. Super screen can be used in your windows and screen doors, and is perfect for enclosing your porch, patio, or pool. 

Super Screen Benefits:  

  • 3 times stronger than traditional screen

  • 10-year warranty

  • Pet and hail-resistant

  • UV-tolerant

  • Easy-to-clean

  • Exceeds the requirements of Section 553.73 of the Florida building code for screen enclosures

  • Available in completed screens and rolls

Finally, there is a screen that can provide you with the durability and longevity that you desire for your screens — super screen. Super screen has a 10-year warranty and is three times stronger than traditional screen; this vinyl-coated polyester material is resistant to tears and punctures. Super screen can be used in your windows and screen doors, and is perfect for enclosing your porch, patio, or pool.

new-cta-3.pngLearn More About Super Screen

Learn more about super screen and how it can enhance your home: 

Pet screen - seven times stronger than traditional screen and engineered to combat wear-and-tear of pets


Copper Screen

Purpose: Add timeless, elegant beauty to your home while providing protection from insect pests.

Copper screen is both practical and beautiful — making it an excellent choice for those looking to make a lasting impression. Metro Screenworks offers copper screen that is made up of 90% copper and 10% zinc. However, we do offer pure copper screen

Copper screen is perfect for older, restored homes, contributing well to the overall timeless aesthetic of the charm of older structures, and homes on the coast. However, it is perfect for any home to increase its curb appeal. Our copper screen when first installed exhibits a beautiful copper color that over time changes to a classic bronze patina. This screening material only gets better with age.

Copper Screen Benefits: 

  • Long-lasting, elegant charm

  • Insect protection

  • Weathers to a dark bronze finish

  • Available in a variety of roll sizes 

  • Perfect for windows, screen doors, patios, and more

  • Available in a variety of roll sizes 

new-cta-4.pngLearn More About Copper Screen

Learn more about copper screen, the options for your home, and how to choose the right screening material for you: 


Pet Screen

Purpose: Seven times stronger than traditional screen and manufactured to withstand the wear and tear of pet paws, claws, and teeth [Make this sentence prominent or place in a diagram]

We love our furry friends. They help us feel less alone and are as much part of our family as anyone else — we even compare them to our children. There is nothing that they could do that would make us love them less. However, when they create wear and tear on our homes, it can be frustrating to deal with. 

Pet screen is vinyl-coated screen that is engineered to withstand the wear and tear that our pets put on our screens. It can be installed in your screen doors, and those windows that your pets love to paw at. It can even be used to withstand four-legged pests that you wish to keep outside.

Pet Screen Benefits:  

  • Seven times stronger than regular screen 

  • Resistant to paws, claws, and teeth

  • Can be installed anywhere in your home

  • Perfect for building your DIY catio

new-cta-5.pngLearn More About Pet Screen

Learn more about pet screen and other screen accessories that can help you keep your home looking nice and your fur baby happy and healthy: 

Super screen - three times stronger than traditional screen and less coarse than pet screen


UltraVue & BetterVue

Purpose: Whether you have stereotypical million-dollar views or you simply love the scenery surrounding your home, UltraVue and BetterVue screen can help you better enjoy it: nothing is worse than having a wonderful view, just to have it obscured by a screen. It’s easy to consider just abandoning your screens altogether. However, UltraVue and BetterVue screen allow you to enjoy fresh air and the view. 

UltraVue and BetterVue have been engineered to allow you to enjoy the view while having peace of mind that your screens will withstand normal wear-and-tear. 

UltraVue & BetterVue Benefits: 

  • Durable, hydrophobic coating 

  • Shed water and debris during storms

  • Extended life expectancy of your screens

  • Allows for better airflow, natural light

  • GREENGUARD certified

new-cta-6.pngLearn More About UltraVue & BetterVue

Learn more about installing new window screens and this invisible screens: 

Air filtration screen - provides good visibility while filtering pollen and other allergens



Purpose: Keep out even the smallest insect pests. [Make this sentence prominent or place in a diagram]

We’ve all been there — we’re enjoying our time outside only to be bombarded by gnats and other microscopic, but no-less-irritating bugs. Instead of going inside or closing the windows, it’s time to invest in no-see-um screen. No-see-um screen is made to combat small insects such as gnats and sand flies. This unique fiberglass screen is woven tightly to allow for great ventilation while keeping insects at bay.  

No-See-Um Screen Benefits:  

  • Will keep no-see-ums out

  • 20x20 construction

  • Will not rust, corrode, or stain

  • Non-combustible

  • Lasting color and beauty

  • Excellent airflow

  • Perfect for marshy, coastal, or wooded areas

  • GREENGUARD GOLD certified

  • Orthophthalate-free

  • Can be used for windows, screen doors, porches, and more

new-cta-7.pngLearn More About No-See-Um Screen

Learn more about using no-see-um screen and keeping insect pests outside where they belong:

Ready to Enjoy the Benefits of Window Screens?

Are you convinced that window screens are not only important to have, but actually provide us unparalleled protection and comfort? It’s time to invest in your own window screens and who better than with us Metro Screenworks, your window screen provider since 1979. We offer traditional window screens as well as specialty window screens, and custom window screens. Additionally, we offer our products at competitive prices and with same-day shipping. Instead of stopping by your local home improvement store, enjoy the convenience of ordering high-quality screens online and having them shipped right to your door. We even offer samples so you can know exactly what you are getting when you order from us. Visit our website to learn more!