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Brite Bronze / Copper Insect Screen

We sell both pure copper and brite bronze copper wire!
Metro Screenworks’ brite bronze copper screen is made of 90 percent copper and 10 percent zinc to provide strength and durability. Our copper screen is also known as bronze screen because it weathers to a beautiful dark bronze finish. We also offer pure copper screen which is 99.9 percent copper and is a 16 x 16 mesh count. Our copper or bronze window screen material is available in a variety of roll lengths and widths.
Brite Bronze Copper insect screen is ideal for use in coastal areas or inland areas: Copper insect screen provides protection from insects and looks elegant, too. Copper screen can be installed in window screens, sliding screen doors, screened-in porches and enclosures. Buy copper or bronze screening today and we will ship to you promptly!
Metro Screenworks offers two high-quality varieties of copper screen: Brite Bronze Screen and PURE Copper Screen. To better serve you and the variety of uses for copper screen, we offer this screening material in various roll sizes and lengths. We can also provide cut pieces of our Brite Bronze Screen. To learn more about the copper screen that we provide, contact us! Want to look at it before you order, request a sample.
Brite Bronze Screen
If you are looking for copper screen that provides strength, durability, and elegant charm, our Brite Bronze Screen is a perfect choice. Not only does it provide all the durability and corrosion-resistant qualities that has come to be expected with copper screen, but it weathers to a dark bronze color that looks beautiful with a variety of aesthetics including vintage and coastal homes. Because our Brite Bronze copper screen does not oxidize like aluminum screening, it is the ideal choice for coastal areas and inland regions.
•Made from 90% copper and 10% zinc
•Weathers to a dark bronze color
•Rust and corrosion-resistant
•Controls pests
•Adds an elegant and nostalgic look to your home
•Install in window screens and screen doors
•Coordinates with copper architecture elements such as roofing, dormers, gutters
•Use in porch panels to control pests
•Screens for older, vintage homes and buildings
•Screens for coastal homes and buildings
Pure copper screen is as beautiful as it is functional and it is as close to pure copper as mesh comes. It can be used on your window screens, screen doors, and porch panels. It can be used to construct RFI shielding, Faraday cages, decorative elements, and more. If you are looking for a more cost-effective option, our Brite Bronze Copper Screen is a great option that works just as well as copper screen, depending on the purpose of your screen.  
•16 x 16 mesh
•.011 wire diameter
•RFI shielding
•Faraday cages
•Insect screening
Copper mesh is exactly what it sounds like: it is a screening material that is made either entirely or partly from copper and is copper-colored when first installed until it patinas to a elegant bronze color. This screening material has a lot of uses including installation as insect screen in windows and screen doors for pest control. Because of copper’s composition, copper screen is ductile, malleable, and also possess the qualities of high thermal and electrical conductivity. It also does not oxidize like aluminum screening. Copper screen has become a popular material to screen renovated and coastal homes and historic buildings in addition to a variety of other uses. Additionally, our copper screen coordinates seamlessly with copper architectural accents such as roofing, dormers, and gutters and works well in screen doors, windows, and porches.
If you are ready to install a material that will provide a subtle elegance to your home, hotel, or business and will keep insect pests out, install copper screen. Shop Metro Screenworks’ full inventory of copper online. To learn more about copper screen and the benefits it could provide you, read more below.  
Copper is a material that has been used in construction as well as other uses for thousands of years. Because of its resistance to corrosion, high thermal and electrical conductivity, copper screen has been used in many applications. Those applications include insect screen, pest control fumigation, decorative elements robotic and power automation, health industry, bookbinding, and even robotics and power automation.
Why Install It in Your Window Screens and Screen Doors?
Though there are a ton of uses for copper screen besides window screens, the question that you’re probably asking is “why should you install it in your window screens and screen doors?” You may be especially curious as to why you should install it in your screens when you could install traditional fiberglass or aluminum screen.
To answer this question concisely, you should install it for aesthetic reasons, as well as for its resistance to oxidation.
One of the reasons why you bought your vintage home was probably because of its aesthetics. Older homes are appealing because they are all unique. Yes, they may reflect design elements of a particular era, but they all have their own characteristics and unique charm. We recommend installing copper screen in your window screens, screen doors, and screened-in porch panels as it best compliments the look of most historic homes with a nostalgic, elegant look.
Why Be Like Everyone Else?
Though you could install insect screen that is normally used in mass-produced box homes, why not install copper screen? Copper screen provides the same benefits as any other screen, (i.e. keeps the eight- and six-legged pests, tree leaves, the occasional loose plastic bag blowing in the wind) however, it does so by with elegance while complimenting the aesthetics of your one-of-a-kind, timeless home.
A Elegant Screen For Your Timeless Home Copper screen when it is first installed is a bright, beautiful copper color. It ages to a subtle bronze patina. To prove our point, many historical structures are screened with copper screen because it doesn’t distract from the styling of the buildings themselves and the first screens used were actually made out of copper!
Corrosion Resistance
Copper isn’t just another screen with a “pretty face”; copper screen is extremely resistant to oxidation, particularly the corrosive properties of salt air and brine making it an excellent choice for coastal buildings and homes. If you live near the coast, you most likely understand how corrosive salt water and the surrounding atmosphere can be. Everything near the coast seems to rust more easily and faster than those in other environments. Screens that are repeatedly exposed to salt spray and the salty air tend to rust and break down a lot sooner than those that are made from elements like copper.
Why Doesn’t Copper Break Down? First, we need to look at why other metals seem to rust faster than copper. Without getting too technical, salt water causes the electrons in metal to move more easily than when metal is in fresh water. Also, because salt water makes for a good conductor, it is a catalyst for a variety of  different chemical reactions — and a catalyst for rust production. Copper and zinc are resistant to rust and instead produce a beautiful patina and maintain their structural integrity when they come in contact with salt water. Copper and zinc, which is a component of our Brite Bronze screens, actually reverses the process of corrosion and instead produces iron which is what appears as the bronze-colored patina on your screen or other copper materials.
More Benefits to Installing Copper Screen
Because copper screen increases the longevity of your window screens and screen doors in coastal conditions, you save money by installing copper screens in your home, hotel, business, and other structures. Though initially installing copper screen may be a bit more of an investment when compared to installing traditional screen materials, copper screen will easily and quickly prove to be a worthwhile investment.
Easy to Install
Copper screen is very malleable, making it easy to install in your window screens, screen doors, and screened-in porch panels. To give you options, Metro Screenworks offers copper screen in screen rolls in various lengths, sizes, and types to provide you the options you need to complete your screening projects.
Still have questions about copper screen and how it can serve your project, contact us! Our window screen experts would love to help you get the materials you need.

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