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Product Overview

Our pre-framed allergy filter window screens are made to your window screen specifications allowing you to get a replacement screen that fits exactly to-size - and shipped directly to you read-to-install. This makes our complete allergy filter screens the perfect choice for new and replacement window screen projects in your home, especially if you’re trying to keep allergens, dust, and pollution out.

AllergyGuard NanoScreen™ window screen mesh creates a shield that blocks out airborne particles that can be harmful to your family's health. Our replacement window screens with BMT AllergyGuard mesh, empower homeowners to turn off their air conditioners and open their windows for better ventilation without suffering from allergies or poor air quality.

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How To Customize Your Allergy Filter Window Screens From Metro

There is no standard window screen size. No matter the age or brand of your windows, each window screen will vary in size - even if it's by a fraction of an inch. Buying custom allergy filter screens for your windows will ensure an exact fit for the most effective allergen protection and the best aesthetics with custom colors to match your window frame or trim.

  • Simply select your frame size, frame color, and hardware from the menu above to customize your BMT AllergyGuard Filter replacement screen.
  • Window screen replacements are made within 1/16" of the dimensions you provide for a perfect fit.
  • Our window screen replacements are shipped to you fully assembled, ready to install.
  • Need help measuring? Check out or measuring FAQ page or call us!

Need help measuring for your new screens? Learn more herecall us, and/or bring your old screens into our showroom in Highlands Ranch, CO and we’ll measure them for you.  

Benefits of AllergyGuard NanoScreen™ for Window Replacements

Unlike ordinary insect screen, AllergyGuard® blocks a wide spectrum of unwanted airborne particles including pollen, allergens, bacteria and mold spores, as well as agricultural dust, fly ash, coal dust, and more.

  • 3-Dimensional Nanoscreen Filtration Layer:  Filters the majority of Allergens, Pollen, Fine Dust, and many other unwanted airborne particles with multiple filtration layers.
  • Durable Construction: Three-layer construction is extremely puncture resistance. AllergyGuard is over 4 times stronger than aluminum window screen.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: AllergyGuard uses cutting edge technology to produce astronger, more advanced critical filtration media.
  • Excellent Filtering Efficiency: Blocks over 99% of pollen, preventing entry into the home, office and outdoor screen-enclosed spaces.
  • Rain & Water Protection: Blocks 95% of rain and sprinkler spray to help prevent water damage and mold.
  • High-Corrosion Resistance: Corrosive-resistant against both environmental contaminants and UV Light.
  • Ultra-Thin & Light Weight: AllergyGuard is 25% lighter and 50% thinner than a standard window screen which allows for optimal outward visibility.
  • UV Protection: Blocks 69% of UV light and 50% of infrared light.
  • Easy Cleaning: Easy-to-clean with just a rag and water — no soap required.

Types Of Hardware For Your Allergy Filter Window Screens

When ordering a replacement window screen, there's more to think about than just mesh type and frame dimensions. Depending on your window type, you'll need specific hardware for a perfect fit. Read more about the types of screen hardware below and reference the image above to see what's right for you:

  • Corner Spring - Holds the screen frame in place when installing it in window frame. Provides tension fit. 
  • Pull Tab - Provides a place for the installer to hold when pulling the screen frame into its place in the window frame.
  • Acorn Pointer - Rivets onto a window screen frame and helps to hold the window screen frame in place.
  • Plunger Bolt - Holds screen in window frame by popping into a hole drilled into window frame, existing channel, or groove. (4" From Frame Corner Unless Customer Specifies Otherwise")
  • Friction Hanger - Installs in wooden window frames to hold aluminum insect screen in place. Use with loop latch.
  • Loop Latch - Holds the bottom of the screen frame snug against the window frame. Use with friction hanger.
  • Casement Clip - Holds the screen frame in wooden and metal window frames. Will not rust or corrode.
  • Knife Latch - Holds the window screen in window frame by inserting into a slit in the screen frame. 

Why Choose Metro Screenworks?

When you shop with Metro Screenworks, you get more than what's offered at typical home improvement stores. Our window screens will outperform generic screen brands every time.

  • Easy Installation - no more stress, our replacement window screens are the easiest to install.
  • Measuring Tips & Resources - use our videos, step-by-step guides, and images to help measure your screens.
  • Trusted Support - if you need extra support, our screen specialists are available by phone, chat, and email anytime.
  • Industry Leader - we're number one in this business because we build every screen with care and accuracy. 

FAQs – Allergy Filter Window Screens

Wondering how to keep your allergies at bay and your house dust-free with window screens? Keep reading to find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding allergy filter window screens or call to speak to one of our window screen experts. 

Q: Are there window screen filters that keep pollen out? 

A. Yes. AllergyGuard screens. These window filter screens are designed to keep pollen, fine dust, hair, smoke, bacteria, and other particles that are responsible for allergies and poor air quality. With these window screen pollen filters, you can turn off your AC and open your windows any time of year. These window screens also have water shedding technology that keep most rain out too.  

Q: How to improve indoor air quality in your home? 

A. Install window filter screens. AllergyGuard screens can dramatically improve the air quality within your home as they can filter pollen, dust, hair, and other particles. Regular cleaning of your home and adequate ventilation also contribute to indoor air quality.  

Q: How do I stop dirt from coming through my windows? 

A. Install AllergyGuard screens. Our window filter screens - also known as "window dust screens" -  can help keep dust, dirt, pollen, smoke particles, and more out of your home and patio. This not only keeps your home cleaner, but also improves indoor air quality and reduces the frequency that you need to clean your home.

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