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Genius® Retractable Screens For Large Openings

We’ve all been there: we finally have time to enjoy well-earned relaxation on our porch, but instead of relaxing, all we seem to be doing is swatching away mosquitos. Or perhaps you are working on a project in your garage, and it seems that instead of enjoying your time, you are contending with biting flies and other pests. With these situations it can seem tempting to just avoid the outdoors altogether. However, with retractable screens you can finally enjoy some fresh air, no matter what time of the day or year it is.
Our Genius® Retractable Screens are perfect for your custom screen needs. Genius screens are engineered to be custom screen solutions. Screens are essential for not only our health, as they protect us from harmful diseases and sun damage, but they also allow us to enjoy a greater quality of life. Having a screen that “kind of works,” doesn’t really work at all. And even though many people are perfectly capable of designing screening solutions for their needs, why start from scratch and waste time and energy on something that we’ve already created?
Genius is the window screen and screen door solutions you are looking for. Enjoy the quality and effective design of Genius when you shop Metro Screenworks.
At Metro Screenworks, we understand the need for customization. With us you can finally find a custom screen for that one doorway of your home to make your dream home design come true.  All of our custom screens are made in the U.S.A. and are crafted from the highest quality window screen materials. What’s more, manufacturing time usually takes 5-7 business days, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of retractable window screens as soon as possible.  

Retractable screens come in all shapes and sizes to fit your porch, garage door opening, French doors, and other large openings, and they do exactly what their name indicates — they provide coverage when needed and retract out of the way when you’re done.

Whether we have to change the oil in the truck, enjoy tinkering with our custom car, or simply like watching the neighborhood, there are a lot of reasons why we spend time in our garages. However, nothing can be more infuriating than dealing with six-, eight-, and four-legged pests that happen to fly or sneak into our space. A retractable garage door screen can allow you to say goodbye to mosquito bites and potential nesting freeloaders.
At Metro Screenworks, we offer a variety of options to fit your price point and usage needs. Most of our models operate and retract vertically — making them easy to integrate into most garage door designs.
We offer a variety of retractable screens to help you create a temporary screened in porch or patio that works for your needs and your budget. Most of our retractable screens operate vertically. However the Genius ZIGZAG Double Panel functions horizontally; this construction provides coverage for the largest openings. Compare the screens we offer below:
Retractable screen technology
Optimizes airflow
Easy DIY installation
Increase property value
Multiple colors available
Vertical operation
For openings up to 16 feet wide and 8 feet tall
Insect screen, solar screen, or SheerWeave 1000 & 2360 available
Multiple colors of frame and screen
Vertical operation
Solar and insect protection
Minimize glare
Fabric Return Track system to keep screen in the track
Magnetic Lock System can handle windy conditions
Save up to 25-49% on cooling costs
Weatherizes outdoor areas
Available in multiple colors
Horizontal operation
For openings up to 26 feet wide and 10.5 feet tall 
Double panel, center latching
Easy, finger operation
Pre-assembled for easy installation
Vertical operation
For openings 10 to 16.5 feet wide
Motorized version comes with remote control (one or three channel)
Child-safe operating wand available
Multiple colors of frame and screen available
Solar screen or SheerWeave 1000 & 2360
With our busy modern schedules, it is more important than ever to enjoy the moments when we get to sit still. Decompressing from the day, spending time with family, and simply taking a break from the day on our porch are activities everyone can enjoy — except when it’s mosquito season, the cicadas have hatched, or the flies are more annoying than ever. With a retractable outdoor screens, you can finally enjoy time outside without commiting to a permanent screened in porch.

Unsure which is the best option for your needs? Call, email, or send Metro Screenworks a chat ! A window screen expert would love to help you figure out which retractable screen will work best for you.