What Is a Retractable Screen Door?

Aug 31st 2018

What Is a Retractable Screen Door?

What Is a Retractable Screen Door?

Who doesn't enjoy letting fresh air into the house on a nice day? The temperature outside is perfect, and it seems pointless to run the A/C or heating on such a gorgeous day. Being able to open your windows and doors without the fear of bugs getting in or pets getting out is an affordable luxury that is well worth the investment. If you're reading this, you likely already have window screens installed in your home, but maybe you are interested in the idea of installing a screened door. 

You may even have a dinky door screen door screen that came with your property — something that slides back and forth on a track. However, these kinds of doors will only work for certain room layouts with enough space for the door to have somewhere to go when it's open. For screen protection that works with any door in your house, consider installing a retractable screen door

What does "retractable" mean?

Retractable screen doors fold into themselves, usually into the door frame or the floor. According to  Genius, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality retractable screen doors, retractable screens are usually retro-fitted to the window or door opening. This means that basically any door in your home can be fitted with a retractable screen door. 

Retractable Screen Door Vs Sliding Door

Unlike the sliding screen doors with which you may be familiar, retractable screen doors provide more options and aren't limited to serving one type of entryway. Instead of sliding out of the way like a traditional sliding screen door, retractable screens slide inside or lay around the door. Because they roll out of the way easily, retractable screens can be perfect for serving non-traditional openings like French doors. 

Advantages of Retractable Screens

A Clear View When Not In Use

Though we appreciate everything our screens do for us, when we have our door closed and want to enjoy the view, screen doors can get in the way. Though you can install  invisible screen if you don’t want to look through any screen at all, retractable screens are perfect for clear visibility if you want to use a more durable material. 

Because they retract into your door frame, they will be completely out of the way when not in use, so you can look through your windows unimpaired knowing that the screen is still there for you when you're ready to let fresh air in and keep creepy crawlies out.

The Screen Is Protected

Because your screen door retracts into your door frame, it is also protected from the elements. UV rays, dirt, wind, hail, and even snow can put a lot of wear and tear on screens and leave you with a screen that is stretched out, warped, or ripped. Though Metro Screenworks makes screening material that can withstand the elements, it's always nice to cut down on any damage your screen might be taking.

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Low Maintenance

Not having to replace your screen cuts down on time that you must spend thinking about and maintaining your screens. Plus, if you tend to take your screens of before the winter comes, you'll have fewer screens to concern yourself with when you install a retractable screen door. 


One of the best things about retractable doors is that they can be fitted to virtually any kind of door opening. Whether you're looking to screen a front entry door,  French doors, or a large opening, consider making a retractable screen door part of your home improvement journey.

If you are interested in learning more about the advantages of retractable screen doors and how they can serve you, contact Metro Screenworks. Our screen experts would love to help you find a retractable screen door that will work for you. Install retractable screen doors and experience the difference that innovative and high-quality screen products can provide.