How do I measure for new window screens?


Measuring for a new window screen is easy! For standard window screens, simply follow the steps outlined on our Measuring FAQ page, and our how-to video for more information. There you can also learn more about choosing the right hardware for your new window. Have questions? Contact us!



How do I measure for sliding screen doors?


Measuring for your new screen door is easy, especially if you still have your old door and want the same type of door: simply measure the width and length of your existing door. However, if you don’t have your old door, follow the steps here on our Measuring FAQ page. You can also learn more about screen doors on our Screen Door information page. Still have questions? No problem! Contact us — we are always happy to help you find the right screen door for your home or business. 



What type of screen mesh do I need?

Choosing the right screen mesh for your project comes down to your needs — what do you need your screen to do for you, besides keep the bugs out? 

We offer screens that provide: 

To learn more about what your screens can do for you, check out the infographic below, visit our Window Screen FAQ page (These types of screens can be installed in your screen door, too!) and our Screen Mesh information page. We would love to help you find the right screening material for your home — contact us




Which screen offers the best visibility or is least visible?

Darker colored screen mesh, like brown and black, provides the best visibility through it. Lighter colored materials, like white or silver, are actually harder to see through. Standard charcoal fiberglass and black or charcoal aluminum wire both offer good visibility. 

For the best visibility, use BetterVue or UltraVue screening — our invisible screen options! 


What is the difference between BetterVue and UltraVue invisible screens?


BetterVue invisible screen (iVis or improved visibility) is available up to 108” wide and ideal for larger openings on porches and patios. 

UltraVue(eVis or excellent visibility) is available up to 96” wide and is better for window screens and smaller openings. UltraVue offers slightly better visibility than Better Vue. However, Better Vue offers more durability and strength for larger openings. 


What are the options for screening a porch?


When screening in a porch you need to ask what you need your screens to do for you: 

Permanent Screens With Increased Durability

Our super screen provides durability that can withstand extreme weather such as hail and wind, while also standing up to pet and critter paws, claws, and teeth. If your pets and other critters are your main concern, our pet screen can also be a good choice. 

Retract Out of the Way

Retractable screens can be a great option for providing you the protection you need when you want it, and only then. We also offer retractable screen doors, retractable French doors, and retractable screens for large openings, too! 

For Patio, Porch & Pool Enclosures

We offer pool and patio enclosure screen as well as Florida glass screen for added privacy and to keep vegetation out of your enclosure. 

Added Privacy

Florida glass screen offers privacy to enjoy your time outdoors. Solar screen can also provide sun protection and privacy.

Porch Panels & Porch Screening Systems

Additionally, we offer porch screen panels, as well as porch screening systems that make screening your porch easy. 


What type of screen mesh should I choose?


The type of window screening material you should choose depends on what you need your screen to do for you. Many of our screens can provide an additional function such as filter out pollen, provide extra security, protect your home from UV rays, and even withstand extra wear-and-tear from weather extremes and pets. Choose a screen that best fits your needs. We offer our screens in standard and custom sizes. See What type of screen mesh do I need? 


What size spline do I use for Super Screen mesh and Screen Tight?


The type of spline you use to install super screen and screen tight is .165. Shop all of our screening components here and make sure you have the screen tools that you need when you shop our tools page 


What is the difference between Super Screen and Pet Screen?


Both pet screen and super screen are made of a durable vinyl-coated polyester material that is resistant to pets, critters, and extreme weather such as hail. 

Super screen is manufactured up to 120” in width and ideal for spanning large openings on porches and enclosures. It has slightly thinner strands offering better visibility — and is three times stronger than traditional screens. Super Screen also installs well in lighter weight window screen frames. 

Pet screen has slightly thicker strands so it offers an extra level of durability — seven times stronger than traditional screens. Pet screen is made up to 96” in width and can be installed in windows, porches, patios and screen doors. 


Which screen material offers most privacy?


The solar screen rated at 90% or higher offers daytime privacy, while still allowing outward visibility. Florida Glass/GlassShield is a solid material that functions as a privacy screen on the bottom of pool and patio enclosures.