Everything You Need For Custom Screens

Metro Screenworks has all the equipment, tables and screen installation tools that you need to fabricate your custom screens. Whether you are starting up your own business or you simply want to participate in the custom screen-making process for yourself, our window screen replacement tool kits will help you accomplish what you need!

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Screen Installation Tools

  • Screen Table Metal Framing

    Screen Table Metal Framing

    ORDER TOWER SEPARATELY. Bolt less Metal Framing Locks Into Place with the Tap of a Mallet Comfortable 36" Working Height Adjustable Shelving for Storing Screen Supplies Designed for Use with 3/4" Particleboard or Plywood (Not Included) Ships FedEx in One...

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  • Screen Tower

    Screen Tower

    Easy to Install on Our P8060R Screen Table Kit Conveniently Stores Most Commonly Used Screen Wire and Retainer Spline Painted Steel Uprights and Top Brace, Supplied with 8 Eye Bolts and End Caps to Accommodate 3/4" Spindles Ship FedEx in One Carton

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  • Screen Frame Bender

    Screen Frame Bender

    Use this Screen Frame Bender to crank out arches for solar screens or window screens while retaining grove dimensions. This handy tool is completely portable for use on site, or where ever custom made window screens are made.

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  • Two Step High Speed Drill Bit Two Step High Speed Drill Bit

    Two Step High Speed Drill Bit

    The Two Step High Speed drill bit is used to drill the proper size hole for plunger bolts in screen frame. The Two Step High Speed drill bit has a 7/32" shank steps down to an 1/8".  This handy drill bit allows you to drill both sizes of holes...

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  • Knife


    Heavy Duty Knife comes with stainless steel blade inside and is ideal for trimming screen material and spline for screens and screen doors.      

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  • 3/4  Jig clips Set OF 8

    3/4 Jig clips Set OF 8

    This set of eight 3/4 inch (19.1 millimeter), Screen Frame Clips replace worn out or lost clips for the Screen Jig Set. Just slide them over the bar to the desired position and push down to lock them into place.

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  • Aluminum Screen Jig Set (84" x 42")

    Aluminum Screen Jig Set (84" x 42")

    84 x 42 Inch Aluminum Screen Jig Set This Screen Table Jig Set make fabricating window screens easier because it keeps cambered screen frame square, which helps prevent "Hour Glass" bow-in. The Set has six extruded aluminum Jig Bars. Three Bars are...

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  • Professional Nylon Roller Tool

    Professional Nylon Roller Tool

    This Professional nylon roller is a combination roller with one round edge roller and one concave roller. With this tool you get the maximum efficiency and is one of the most popular and widely used tool in the screen industry. These nylon...

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  • Professional Steel Roller Tool

    Professional Steel Roller Tool

    This Professional Steel Combination Roller comes with one wheel with a round edge and one wheel with a concave edge. These rollers all have steel ball bearing wheels, hardened and polished for smooth rolling. A contoured hardwood handle gives a...

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  • Standard Steel Roller Tool

    Standard Steel Roller Tool

    The economy steel combination roller has two steel rollers, one round and one beveled edge. These rollers are mounted on a wood handle. This tool makes the job easy and is good economical tool for shop use.     

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  • Economy Nylon Roller Tool

    Economy Nylon Roller Tool

    This economy nylon combination roller has a round edge and beveled edge nylon wheel mounted in a lightweight plastic handle. This roller is ideal for shop use or residential use.  

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Our custom screen door tools come in three different grades: Professional grade, economy steel, and economy nylon. We offer:
       - Rollers come in either nylon wheels or steel, depending on your need.
       - Retractable knives are also available for trimming screens and cutting spline for your screens.

We have a roller tool and custom window supplies that you need for whatever kind of project you're working on. If you have any questions about our tools for fixing screens, please give us a call today. We are committed to getting you the product you need.

Not sure what size of custom screen or window screen spline tools you need? Read more about measuring for your custom screen or replacement window screen frame in our blog.