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    Home Security Screens: Designed To Protect You There is nowhere that you should feel safer than inside your own home. Our security screen is designed to protect your home from all kinds of threats. It is puncture-, cut-, and dent-proof, making it a...

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    Looking to protect your business, school, or other property? Consider installing stainless steel security screens. They are puncture-, cut-, and dent-proof, making it a formidable opponent against vandals, critters, and rogue golf balls alike. If you are...

Stainless Steel Security Screens

Protect Your Windows From Burglars, Golf Balls, Bugs and More

Whether you are looking to protect your home, school, or business, our security screens may be just what you need. This woven stainless steel mesh is cut-, puncture-, and dent-proof, making it extremely difficult for thieves, animals, or other threats to enter your space. 

How Are Security Screens Made?

Not only are safety screens made with extra-strong materials, but they are also constructed in such a way to provide extra-strength. Though stronger than traditional screens, security screens fit within most window frames, allowing you to enjoy added safety and security conveniently.

What Are Security Screens?

Security Screens: Designed To Protect You
There are many potential threats to your windows: extreme weather, rogue golf balls, criminals, hungry animals, etc. Our window security screens are specially designed to withstand up to 100 pounds of static force, making it the strongest window screen on the market. 

Stainless Steel Security Screen Specs

Made of woven 304 high-tensile stainless steel
12x12 Mesh Count
Diameter: 0.023”
Available in 2 colors: Black and Mill

You can buy bulk rolls of security screen, which can be cut to-size with hand shears to use for a variety of DIY projects, however it is not suited to be installed in regular window screen frames. This is why we also sell pre-built security screens, which pop right into your windows and make installation a breeze. They are constructed by clamping the aluminum/steel screen frame firmly to the screen (rather than splining), and are fitted with tig-welded mitered joints of the frame to provide greater strength and durability. 

Security Screen Applications

At Metro Screenworks, we pride ourselves on creating screen products that do more than keep out bugs. Security screen is no exception. 

Keep Insects Out

Just because our security screen has so many great benefits doesn’t mean it doesn’t keep out bugs! Let the fresh air in without worrying about creepy crawlies getting into your space, eating your food, or spreading germs. 


Enhanced Security

The most heavy-duty window screen on the market, our security screens provide great protection against forced entry, high-force impact, and sharp objects. Plus, when vandals and thieves are looking for homes to break into, they tend to steer away from homes that seem challenging. Our visibly strong security screens will make an excellent deterrent. 

Protect Your Windows

Thieves aren’t the only threat to your home. Wind, hail, rogue golf balls, and flying debris can all put a strain on your screens and potentially damage your windows. Our security screen is perfect for protecting your windows from extreme weather and other potential damages. 

Cut Back On Maintenance

High durability means fewer repairs! Other than occasional cleaning, you can install and forget your screens. What’s more, you won’t have to replace your screens for years — if ever — when you install our safety screens. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are safe, secure, and protected by screens you can trust. 

Improve Visibility and Airflow

Despite its durability, our security screens are pretty thin in diameter, which is excellent for both airflow and visibility. Our black color is perfect if you want to still enjoy the view, but the mill color is more reflective, and may obscure your surroundings. 

Benefits of Added Security

While you may feel that your property is in a safe place, it never hurts to be prepared. Read below to learn more about your potential vulnerability to theft and vandalism. 

Most burglaries happen during the day.


Only 17% of burglaries happen at night. Most - about 80% - happen during the day between 12pm-4pm. The reason? Many people are at work during the day and most strangers go unnoticed.

Break-ins occur more frequently during the summer months.


There are more daylight hours in the summer, which gives criminals more time and light to plan their attack. 

Rural areas are at a greater risk for home invasions compared to urban areas.


States such as New Mexico, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas are some of the most burglarized states in the nation because they have more rural areas. 

A burglary happens every 23 seconds.


To put it in perspective, that's 3,757 burglaries a day. It's the second most frequent crime behind larceny-theft.