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Stainless Steel Security Screens

Keeps Out Bugs, Bears and Burglars

 True security begins outside your home. Security Screens create a barrier to keep out crime, bugs and storm damage. 


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Security Screens: Designed To Protect You

Imagine being able to leave your window open without worrying about someone breaking in at night. Perhaps, you currently don’t leave your windows open at night or as wide as you would like because you’re afraid of intruders. However, it might not be a break-in that you are worried about: it’s golf balls from the local range, a careless child playing near the window that could fall, or local hungry critters that are looking for a snack. Whoever, or whatever, it may be, security screens are designed to not only keep insect pests out, but also take the abuse that normal screens can’t — allowing you to have greater peace of mind.


Security screens, also called safety screens, pet safety screens, and child safety screens can provide additional security for your home, business, or building. These screens are made from stainless steel wire mesh and created with an aluminum or steel frame designed to take high-impact stress of up to 100 pounds of static force. 

How Are Security Screens Made: Why Are They Stronger Than Traditional Screen?

Not only are safety screens made with extra-strong materials, but they are also constructed in such a way to provide extra-strength. Though stronger than traditional screens, security screens fit within most window frames, allowing you to enjoy added safety and security conveniently. 




  • Stainless steel screen can’t be easily cut or punctured and can withstand high-impact force unlike fiberglass screen and other screening materials 

  • Aluminum or steel frame versus fiberglass, wood, or lightweight metal frames of traditional screens



  • Screen frame is clamped firmly to stainless steel screen versus traditional screens which are only secured with rubber spline

  • Tig-welded mitered joints of the screen’s frame provide strength and durability



One thing we pride ourselves on here at Metro Screenworks is not only providing high-quality screen products, but also offering screen products that do more than just keep the bugs out. When screens were first invented, this was the main purpose — and it changed the world by lowering the number of cases of disease and deaths caused by flies, mosquitoes, rodents, and other dangerous critters.  

However, advances in technology have allowed us to have additional benefits from our screens; increased home, business, and property security is one of those advantages. 


What Can Security Screens Do For You?

Security screen, though potentially more expensive than traditional screen, offers much to those that would invest in it for their home or business.

insects-img.pngKeep Insects Out

The main function of window screens is to keep insects and critters out of your home or business. Just like any other screen, security screens can do just that to protect you and your family from disease.

enhanced-security-img.pngProvide Enhanced Security

Thanks to the screen installed within the window screen frames, and also the heavy-duty frames themselves, our security screens can provide the protection you need from: 

  • Forced entry

  • Animal paws & claws 

  • High-impact

The stainless steel wire mesh and the aluminum or steel frame make it nearly impossible for break-ins from two and four-legged pests — decreasing the chances of a break-in by 85%! Keep even the most aggressive shady characters and critter out such as squirrels, raccoons, birds, and others out.

security-appearance-img.pngOffer the Appearance of Security

Security screens look like they provide increased security. When miscreants are looking for homes to break into, they are looking for easy targets — those that will take them under a minute to break into. Those looking for trouble will take one look at your home with security screens and move on to another victim whose home is less secure.

home-safety-img.pngIncrease Home Safety

Children and pets have a tendency to get into trouble and put themselves in harm’s way simply because they don’t know any better. One of the most dangerous places for your child or pet can be near a window, as ordinary window screens create a false sense of security. In other words, traditional screens can appear to be strong enough to withstand the pressure of a child leaning against it or a pet snuggled up near it, but they are not. They are made to be easy to pop in and out of the window opening and withstand wind and other weather elements. 

Security screens, on the other hand, are designed to be strong enough to withstand high-impact and pressure. Though children should still stay away from windows as kids are more likely to die or be severely injured from window-related falls than any other kind of product-related falls, child safety security screens can keep small children on the safe side of an open window.

aesthetics-img.pngOffer Improved Aesthetics

Security screens aren’t just functional, but they also look good as well. They can provide a uniform look to your screens and come in a variety of colors and strengths to meet your needs and the aesthetics of your home. We offer security screens with frame colors in

  • White

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Many other colors, and custom colors available

Standard stainless steel screen is traditionally silver, but we also offer it in a powder-coated black finish. We can offer our safety screens in a variety of other colors to match your needs for an additional cost — just ask us! We can also powder-coat the frame and wire in the same color for your aesthetic needs and safety requirements.

maintenance-img.pngRequires Little Maintenance

Enjoy all these benefits of safety screens without any maintenance. All they require is an occasional cleaning — and that’s it. What’s more, you won’t have to replace your screens for years — if ever — when you install our safety screens. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are safe, secure, and protected by screens you can trust.






Why You Need Additional Security

“Feeling safe” is a subjective state of being that can vary from person to person. Some people can feel safe within certain areas or situations, while others may feel uncomfortable. Regardless of how you feel, here are some facts and statistics about your home or business’ security.


 Infographic - Security Screens and Why You Need Them

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