Commercial Security Screens

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Product Overview

Looking to protect your business, school, or other property? Consider installing stainless steel security screens. They are puncture-, cut-, and dent-proof, making it a formidable opponent against vandals, critters, and rogue golf balls alike. If you are looking for the strongest window screen on the market, consider opting for a security screen. Our commercial security screens for windows are the most durable screens - it is best installed within schools, low-income housing, military buildings, and anywhere else that could benefit from enhanced window safety and window security. To secure emergency exit windows, see our Hinged Opening Security Screens.

Stainless Steel Security Screen Specs

  • Made of woven 304 high-tensile stainless steel

    • 12x12, 12x.028”, or 16x16 stainless steel mesh 

  • Diameter: 0.023”

  • Available in 2 colors: Black and Mill

  • Extruded aluminum frame

    • 6063-T5 aluminum 

    • .062 (1/16") thickness

  • Construction 
    • Stainless steel mesh is secured within the aluminum frame (Compare to traditional fiberglass window screens that are secured with rubber spline.)


 Benefits of Security Screen

Extremely Durable Window Screen

Whether you are looking to deter thieves, keep students or patients safe inside, or anything in between, our stainless steel security screen might be just what you need. It can withstand 100 pounds of high-impact force, easily keeping out foxes, rabbits, etc and even acting as a deterrent for larger animals such as bears or alligators. 

Good Visibility and Airflow

Despite its strength, our security screen actually has a pretty thin diameter, which gives it excellent airflow. Our black color also offers great visibility compared to similar products, while our mill color is more reflective and can consequently obstruct your view. 

Protection for Windows

Not only do security screens make your home safer, but they can also prevent damage to your windows. Originally designed for extreme storm protection, these screens protect your windows from extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or hail storms. They can also protect your windows from things like golf balls, soft balls, and other flying debris. 

Easy to Install

With a material this strong, DIY projects can be nearly impossible without specialized equipment. We install the security screen mesh into the panels for you, so all you have to do is pop it into your window. 

Vandal Proof Security Screen

When selecting a target, thieves will typically look for buildings that are easy to access, making our security screen an excellent deterrent. They are also much nicer-looking than burglar bars or other similar security products.

Provide Enhanced Security

Thanks to the screen installed within the window screen frames, and also the heavy-duty frames themselves, our security screens can provide the protection you need from forced entry, vandalism, and high-impact objects. The stainless steel wire mesh and the aluminum or steel frame make it nearly impossible for break-ins from two and four-legged pests — decreasing the chances of a break-in by 85%! Keep even the most aggressive critters out such as squirrels, raccoons, birds, and others out.

Offer the Appearance of Security

Security screens look like they provide increased security. When miscreants are looking for businesses or homes to break into, they are looking for easy targets — those that will take them under a minute to break into. Those looking for trouble will take one look at your building with security screens and move on to another victim whose home is less secure.

Applications for Security Screens

Security Screens for Schools and Universities

Whether your students are in pre-k or post-doc, you have a duty to keep them safe. Our security screens can protect from outside threats as well as prevent curious students from pushing them open. Plus, the added durability means that you can go years without having to replace your screens.

Security Screens for Apartment Complexes

Security screens are a very popular choice for apartment complexes, as they help prevent theft and keep residents feeling safe. Plus, security screens’ extreme durability means that you can severely cut down on maintenance, even when your residents have pets or children. 

Security Screens for Churches and Places of Worship

When congregants enter their local church, mosque, synagogue, or temple, they do so to feel safe and secure. Security screens can deter thieves and vandals from targeting your place of worship and help your congregation feel at ease. 

Security Screens for Storefronts

Your business is your livelihood, it makes sense to protect it. Security screens are an effective deterrent against vandalism and burglary. Keep your wares and your employees alike safe with security screen. 


Types of Security Screen

Fixed Panel Security Screen

Our security screens are pre-installed into their frames, so all you have to do is place it in your window. Provided your measurements are accurate and you install it properly, these will stay in place for years to come.  

Hinged Opening Security Screen

In the case of an emergency, being able to climb out of a window can be all the difference. Our hinged security screens are latched, making them easy to open from the inside while still being impenetrable from the outside. These are also perfect screens for picture windows, where you’ll need to access the other side of your screen to clean it. 

Arched Security Screen

Are your windows an irregular shape? Not a problem. We can customize your security screen to fit on arched windows or other non-traditional window types so that you can feel safe regardless of your building’s aesthetics. 


How to Order Security Screens

Interested in installing security screens for your commercial building? Since all of our security screens are built to the size and specifications unique to your project, one of our expert screen specialists can help build a custom quote just for you. Answer a few questions about your ideal size, quantity, and other aesthetic preferences and we will build your custom security screen to ship right to you! Fill out our security screen quote survey to get started. 


FAQs - Security Screens

Read answers to frequently asked questions about security screens for windows or call us to speak to a live screen expert. You can also visit our showroom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. 

What is a Security Window Screen?

It is the most durable screen available that provides extra security. Security screens are made out of stainless steel mesh and secured in an extruded aluminum frame. These screens are fabricated with strength and indestructibility in mind and are the most durable of the screens available. They can also increase window safety and protect windows from golf balls, rocks, and animal claws and teeth.

Can Security Screens Be Cut?

No. Our security screens for windows are made from stainless steel mesh and clamped securely in a metal frame. This means that they can not be cut, slashed, or penetrated. Our security screens can withstand high impact force allowing you to enjoy break-proof windows and enhanced window safety and security.

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