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Product Overview

Security Screens: Designed To Protect You

There is nowhere that you should feel safer than inside your own home. Our security screen is designed to protect your home from all kinds of threats. It is puncture-, cut-, and dent-proof, making it a formidable opponent against vandals, critters, and rogue golf balls alike. If you are looking for the strongest window screen on the market, consider opting for a security screen. Imagine being able to open your windows no matter the time of day without having to worry about intruders and hungry critters, while also having greater peace of mind about your child’s and pet’s safety.

Stainless Steel Security Screen Specs

  • Mesh Count: 12x12
  • Made of woven 304 high-tensile stainless steel

  • Diameter: 0.028”

  • Available in 2 Mesh colors: Black and Mill

  • Available in 5 Frame Colors: Black, White, Mill, Charcoal, Bronze, & Almond

Home Security Screen Construction

  • Screen frame is clamped firmly to stainless steel screen versus traditional screens which are only secured with rubber spline

  • Tig-welded mitered joints of the screen’s frame provide strength and durability

  • Available with various frame profiles - fixed - hinged - latches or key locks and more.

Benefits of Security Screens for Homes

Extremely Durable Window Screen

Whether you are looking to keep pets in, keep thieves out, or anything in between, our security screens are the perfect home security solution. It is even resistant to larger animals like bears or alligators that may rip through standard window screens. You may never replace your screens again!

Good Visibility and Airflow

Despite its strength, our security screen actually has a pretty thin diameter, which gives it excellent airflow. Our black color also offers great visibility compared to similar products, while our mill color is more reflective and can consequently obstruct your view. 

Storm Protection for Windows

Not only do security screens make your home safer, but they can also prevent damage to your windows. Originally designed for extreme storm protection, these screens protect your windows from extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes, earthquakes, or hail storms. They can also protect your windows from things like golf balls, soft balls, and other flying debris. 

Golf Ball Protection for Windows

If your house is close to a golf course, then you've probably dealt with more than one broken window from a rogue golf ball. Our cut-to-size security screens offer window protection from errant golfballs and safeguard your property from the potential damage caused by the beginner golfer. 

Easy to Install

Both series of security screens (fixed and operable) are surface-mounted frames. The substrate that you are attaching to will determine the fastener you need to use. Fasteners (screws) are not included. 

High Visibility Security Screens 

 You don't have to sacrifice window protection for a great view. When you use black stainless steel mesh for your security screens, you can keep the view and protect your windows too.

Applications for Home Security Screens

Pet-Proof Security Screen

Do your furry friends claw, tear, or even break your screens? Our security screen is designed to withstand all kinds of abuse your pets can throw at it. Keep your pets safe inside and other pesky critters out with security screen!

Vandal Proof Security Screen

When planning a home invasion, burglars tend to target homes that are easy to get into, making security screens an excellent deterrent, and are much better for curb appeal than unsightly burglar bars.

Child Safety Screen

Injuries sustained from falling out of windows can be extremely severe — especially for small children. Our fixed panel security screens are able to withstand a huge amount of force, meaning you can let in a fresh breeze and know your little ones are safe and sound.

Types of Home Security Screens

Fixed Panel Security Screens

Our security screens are pre-installed into their frames, so all you have to do is place it in your window. Provided your measurements are accurate and you install it properly, these will stay in place for years to come. Place on windows in kids’ rooms, rooms where pets frequent, or anywhere else where you want a window that won’t budge. 

Hinged Opening Security Screens

In the case of an emergency, being able to climb out of a window can be all the difference. Our hinged security screens are latched, making them easy to open from the inside while still being impenetrable from the outside. Whether you want to have an emergency exit or easier access for cleaning your screens, the hinged security screen might be just what you need. 

Arched & Irregular Shaped Security Screens

Are your windows an irregular shape? Not a problem. We can customize your security screen to fit on arched windows or other non-traditional window types so that you can feel safe regardless of your home’s aesthetics.

How to Order Security Screens

Interested in installing security screens for your home? Answer just a few questions about your ideal size, quantity, and other aesthetic preferences and we will build your custom security screen to ship right to your door! Start by filling out our security screen survey to connect with a screen expert for a custom quote. 

FAQs - Home Security Screens

Have questions about home window security? Read FAQs below or call us! We have live screen experts waiting to take your call and help you find the best window screen for your needs and budget. You can also visit our showroom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. 

Do Screens Help Protect Windows?

Yes. However, not just any window screen will provide protection. Security screens made from stainless steel and clamped into an aluminum or steel frame can protect your windows from golf balls, vandals, and provide increased window safety for children and pets.  

How Can I Improve My Window Security at Home?

Security screens. Security screens are fabricated with stainless steel mesh which is then clamped into an aluminum or steel frame. As a result of it’s durability and strength, these screens can not be cut or punctured, and can withstand high-impact force of 100 pounds which can keep out even the most aggressive intruders and add safety for children and pets. 

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