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UltraVue Invisible Insect Screen

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Phifer SeeVue is woven from stainless steel, which not only improves visibility with its fine wire diameter, but also makes this product much stronger than standard insect screen. SeeVue is an improved visibility insect screen (iVis) designed to maximize an outward view, making it sharper and more brilliant. It allows superior airflow and meets the high standard of insect protection. SeeVue is suitable for fabrication in conventional screening applications such as windows, doors and porches and is safe to use with pressure-treated lumber.

SeeVue stainless steel insect screen has a black finish that offers excellent visibility and protects against harmful insects while allowing exceptional airflow.

  • Offers outstanding durability
  • Excellent for porch applications
  • Safe to use with pressure treated lumber
  • Ideal for Coastal Applications

UltraVue invisible insect screen is an innovative insect screen window screen material that allows you to see the view outside and not the screen. You have to get up close to same here!

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