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Full Rolls of Solar Screen

Reduce Heat & Keep Cool with Solar Screen Rolls

Solar Screening from Metro Screenworks improves air conditioning efficiency by stopping up to 90% of the sun's heat before it penetrates the glass surface. Solar Screening also improves daytime privacy and reduces glare while allowing natural ventilation and excellent outward visibility. Other benefits include protection of carpet and upholstery from fading. Solar Screening also acts as a bug screen to keep out unwanted pests. Solar screen also saves energy.

To order rolls of solar screen simply choose one of the products below by clicking on your choice of fabric that will block from 65% to 90% of the suns solar heat.


Are Full Solar Screen Rolls Right For You?

Perhaps you have experienced certain hot spots in an area in your home or office due to the sun's direct heat. In order to compensate you turn up the AC only to have other rooms or offices become too cool. Solar Screens can eliminate such hot spots allowing for more efficient cooling of your space.

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