Full Rolls of Solar Screen

Discover the Ultimate Solution for Heat Control and Privacy. Are you tired of battling the sun's relentless heat in your home or office, leading to uneven temperatures and soaring energy bills? Solar screens, also known as sun screens, offer a practical and efficient solution to these common problems. Whether you're dealing with hot spots that make certain areas unbearable or seeking a way to reduce your dependency on air conditioning, our Solar Screen Rolls are designed to bring comfort and balance to your environment.

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Rolls of Solar Screen Product Range

Our comprehensive range of specialty solar screen is tailored to meet your specific needs for sun protection and energy efficiency:

Solar 80% Rolls

Ideal for moderate sun protection, allowing you to enjoy natural light without the heat.
Solar 90% Rolls

Our most popular option, offering superior protection against the sun's rays, significantly reducing heat penetration.
Solar Insect Screen Rolls

A dual-purpose solution that not only blocks the sun but also keeps pesky insects at bay.

Benefits of Solar Screen Rolls

Our Solar Screen Rolls are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, offering a multitude of benefits:

Versatile Sun Protection

Available in 65%-95% sun blocking solar screen options, allowing you to choose the perfect level of protection for your space.
Enhanced Privacy

Solar screen provides daytime privacy, keeping prying eyes out while letting you enjoy the view from your home.
Energy Efficiency

Solar screens significantly reduces air conditioning costs by blocking the sun's heat before it enters your space.
Glare Reduction

Minimizes annoying glare, making it easier to watch TV or work on a computer.
Seasonal Barrier

Acts as an additional layer of insulation during colder months, further increasing energy efficiency.
Great Visibility

With our 65% Solar Screen mesh, you'll get the best outward visibility without compromising on sun protection.

Resistant to mildew, fading, and flames, and tough enough to withstand pets.

Perfect for window screens, door screens, patios, motorized shades, patio shades, or canopies.

Applications for Solar Screen Rolls

Our Solar Screen Rolls are not just for windows. They're a versatile solution that can be applied in various settings:

DIY Projects

Ideal for DIY enthusiasts looking to retrofit existing window frames or fabricate custom screens.
Professional Use

Contractors can benefit from the high-quality material for creating custom solutions for clients.
Indoor and Outdoor

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, enhancing comfort and protection wherever needed.

Custom Solar Screens for Windows

Need a quick solar screen solution for a sunny window? We build custom-sized solar screens fitted to any window. Take measurements and start customizing your complete solar screen


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65% Solar Insect Screen

Solar insect screen is designed to block 65% of the suns rays and the 20/30 mesh is designed to keep out tiny insects.

80% Solar Screen Rolls

Durable pet and hail resistant solar screen that blocks up to 80% of the suns heat and rays.

90% Solar Screen Rolls

Designed to offer superior sun protectionthat can block 80-90% of the sun’s hot rays.