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MeshGuard Screening System

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MeshGuard is a revolutionary guardrail infill screening system.

For guardrail infill code requirements, most building codes require the vertical posts that support the handrail to be installed no more than 4 inches apart. This limits porch railing design options and results in an unobstructed view to the outdoors. MeshGuard from Screen Tight enables an open, picket-free design and is approved by building codes across America. MeshGuard is the first guardrail infill screen system approved by building codes. Installation is easy and takes a fraction of the time over installing pickets. Must use all MeshGuard components to meet building codes, including: Screen Tight Cap, MeshGuard Base, MeshGuard Steel Strip, MeshGuard Screen Material, MeshGuard Flat Safety Spline and MeshGuard Self-Drilling Screw.  

MeshGuard Features & Benefits

Mesh Guard
Vinyl / PVC & Steel Infill System
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1.5-in Base & Cap, 8-ft lengths
Approved for 6-ft x 3-ft Infill
White, Grey, Beige and Brown Caps with No Painting Required
Usable on Existing Porch Frames
Withstands 2x the designed pressure for guardrail infill

Cap Colors Available

Screen Tight Cap Colors