MeshGuard Screening System

  • Screen Tight Cap Continuous Roll 1-1/2" x 160' Screen Tight Cap Continuous Roll 1-1/2" x 160'

    Screen Tight Cap Continuous Roll 1-1/2" x 160'



    Screen Tight cap is now available in continuous rolls in easy-to-handle project packs. Trim to your exact dimensions and eliminate waste - the perfect fit for your next screening project! Screen Tight Cap provides a finished look to your porch screening...

  • Screen Tight Cap 1 1/2" x 8' (20 Pack)

    Screen Tight Cap 1 1/2" x 8' (20 Pack)



    Screen Tight Cap provides a finished look to your porch screening project and works with both the Screen Tight system as well as the MeshGuard system. Screen Tight Caps come in multiple colors but can be painted if cleaned with denatured alcohol, and...

  • MeshGuard Base 1 1/2" x 8' (20 Pack)

    MeshGuard Base 1 1/2" x 8' (20 Pack)



    MeshGuard Base is the first product needed to install the MeshGuard screening system. The base comes in packs of twenty sticks and are 1 ½ inches wide by 8 feet long and are installed directly onto your deck screen enclosure. Standard Screen Tight...

  • MeshGuard Steel Strip 8' (20 Pack)

    MeshGuard Steel Strip 8' (20 Pack)



    MeshGuard Galvanized Steel Strips provide added strength and stability to your MeshGuard porch screen system. One order comes with twenty, 8 foot steel strips. The Steel Strips need to be added in the process of installation after the Base is installed...

  • MeshGuard Screen Material 42" x 25'

    MeshGuard Screen Material 42" x 25'



    MeshGuard Screen Material is made of durable polyester that provides the strength and support needed to meet building code — in addition to the installation of other components. This roll of material is 42 inches x 25 feet and comes in black...

  • MeshGuard Flat Safety Spline 100' Roll

    MeshGuard Flat Safety Spline 100' Roll



    Use MeshGuard Flat Spline to install the MeshGuard Screen Material into the Meshguard Base. The Flat Spline comes in 100 foot rolls — the size of your enclosure will determine how much you need. Use the MeshGuard porch screening system to enclose...

  • MeshGuard Self-Drilling Screw (100 Per Pack)

    MeshGuard Self-Drilling Screw (100 Per Pack)



    Use the MeshGuard Screws to attach the MeshGuard Base and Steel Strip to the porch of the MeshGuard infill system — this pack includes 100 screws. MeshGuard can replace the pickets of decks and similar structures for a less obscured view and insect...

MeshGuard Screening System

MeshGuard is a revolutionary guardrail infill screening system.

The MeshGuard screening system by Screen Tight offers a reliable and versatile solution for transforming your porch into a comfortable outdoor space. Designed with durability and ease of installation in mind, this screen system is the ideal choice for homeowners looking to enhance their porch experience.


Guardrail infill codes can create screening challenges, and this presents the perfect solution. It provides a clear view, allows for design flexibility, seamlessly integrates, and offers dependable insect protection, all without the need for pickets.

MeshGuard Porch System Specifications

Available Cap Colors: Beige, White, Grey, Brown (no painting required!)
Approved for 6-ft x 3-ft infill 
Can be seamlessly integrated with the Original Screen Tight screening system
1.5” x 8’ Bases & Caps
Includes all components required to meet building codes

MeshGuard Features and Benefits

Design Freedom - Traditional guardrail building codes often limit the design possibilities for architects and designers. MeshGuard opens up new creative possibilities by eliminating the need for vertical pickets, allowing for innovative architectural details below the rail.

Compatible with ScreenTight

MeshGuard can be used with a variety of other ScreenTight products, which just adds to the possibilities!

Insect Protection

MeshGuard provides reliable insect-protection by use of high-quality materials and precise design while allowing plenty of fresh air to circulate.

Premium Hardware and Durability

The MeshGuard system utilizes premium window screen hardware, with components made from high-density vinyl, steel, and a special polyester screen, ensuring exceptional strength, durability and longevity.

Open Views

With MeshGuard, you will not have to compromise on your outdoor view! This infill screening system provides an unobstructed view without compromising safety. MeshGuard can be used in 6-ft x 3-ft openings below the porch handrail to create an unobstructed view to the outdoors.

Easy Installation

The MeshGuard system is not only easy to install, but takes just a fraction of the time traditional picket systems require–with less physical labor. 

Building Code Approved

ESR-3938 – MeshGuard has been confirmed by the ICC Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) that it is satisfactory to resist loads specified in Section 1607.8.1.2 of the 2015 and 2012 IBC (Section 1607.7.1.2 of the 2009 IBC) and Table R301.5 of the IRC, when installed at the maximum clear span distance of 72 inches (6-ft, 1828.8 mm) between the posts.

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