Which porch screening system is right for you?

Posted by Metro Screenworks on Mar 2nd 2023

Which porch screening system is right for you?

Which porch screening system is right for you?

Spring is almost here, and we at Metro Screenworks are excited to start breathing in the fresh air. If you have a porch, you know how peaceful it can be to sit out there and read a book, listen to music, or entertain friends. You also probably know how that peace and comfort can be ruined by mosquitoes, flies, or other creepy crawlies that make their way into your porch or patio area. 

Installing a porch screen system means that you can enjoy the outdoors, fresh air, and calming breeze without any pests crashing your party. But with so many seemingly identical screen porch systems out there, how do you know which one to choose? Today, we’ll break down the unique benefits of our seven favorite DIY porch screen systems.

Screen Tight

One of our most popular screening systems, Screen Tight has been installed in over a million homes and for good reason. Installation is extremely simple — just attach the base to your existing porch framing and roll the screen into place. Once the cap is snapped on, you’ll be good to go! While many screened in porch systems use staples and wood lattice (that break every time you re-screen), Screen Tight just requires you to remove the vinyl cap, re-screen, and put the cap back on.

Benefits of Screen Tight

  • Simple 3-step installation, perfect for DIYers
  • Weather-resistant vinyl that won’t corrode
  • Simple rescreening with easily removable vinyl cap

Screen Tight Porch System Specs:

  • Material: Vinyl/PVC
  • Size: 1.5” & 3.5” width bases, 8’ lengths
  • Colors: Beige, Brown, Gray, White
  • Manufactured by Screen Tight

Mini Track

At ¾” tall and ¾” wide, the Mini Track system is perfect for homeowners who want to keep their tracks as out of sight as possible. The fasteners are 100% hidden, making it a perfect low-profile porch system. Though you will probably barely see it, we still offer the Mini Track porch and patio screening system in black, white, and bronze.

Benefits of Mini Track

  • Nearly invisible so you can enjoy the view of the outdoors
  • Made of a durable aluminum material to cut down on repairs
  • Provides ultimate design flexibility

Mini Track Porch System Specs:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: ¾” x ¾” tracks, 8’ lengths
  • Colors: Black, Bronze, White
  • Manufactured by Screen Tight 

Fast Track

If you don’t have an existing porch structure, no problem! The Fast Track porch screening system lets you create the structure yourself by snapping the channels together to form posts or rails. Even if you do have a porch structure, this aluminum porch system lets you screen from the interior or the exterior of your porch or patio screen enclosure, all while keeping a sleek, clean look.

Benefits of Fast Track

  • Install on existing or non-existing porch frames
  • Mate/combine channels to create porch rails and posts
  • Versatile porch system for architectural creativity

Fast Track Porch System Specs:

  • Material: High-quality AluminumScreened in sunroom with wood floors and brick walls
  • Size: 1” x 2” channels, 8’ lengths
  • Colors: Black, Bronze, White powder-coated finishes
  • Manufactured by Screen Tight


Many building codes require vertical posts supporting the handrail must be no more than 4 inches apart, which can throw a wrench in your porch screening plans. MeshGuard allows you to have an open, picket-free design so you don’t have to worry about violating your building codes.

Installation is much quicker and easier than installing pickets. Made of high-density vinyl, steel, and a proprietary polyester screen material, MeshGuard provides excellent durability as well as architectural freedom. It is rust-resistant and reinforced with galvanized steel, making this a heavy-duty solution for minimal repairs.

Benefits of MeshGuard

  • Replaces the need for pickets by conforming to Infill codes.
  • Creates architectural design freedom below the rail
  • Integrates seamlessly with Screen Tight

MeshGuard Porch System Specs:

  • Material: Vinyl/PVC & Steel Infill
  • Size: 1.5” base, 8’ lengths
  • Colors: Beige, Brown, Gray, White
  • Manufactured by Screen Tight

Screen Block

If you like to winterize your screened in porch every year but are tired of the tedious installation process, Screen Block is the system for you.

Typically, you would have to remove your screens and install vinyl or glass panels, only to reverse the process come springtime. The Screen Block enclosure system has two separate channels — one for your screen mesh and the other for an insulating vinyl, meaning you can keep your porch panels on year-round and simply slip in the vinyl when the temperature starts dropping.

Benefits of Screen Block

  • Greatly cuts down on time and energy required to winterize your porch
  • Allows your porch to be usable for more of the year with insulating vinyl
  • Spline-free and staple-free

Screen Block Porch System Specs:

  • Material: Vinyl/PVC
  • Size: 1.5” base, 8’ lengths
  • Color: White
  • Manufactured by Screen Tight


If the sound of installing your own porch system sounds daunting, consider the SCREENEZE porch system. Easy to install, SCREENEZE just snaps together and stretches the screen mesh for you. It requires no spline, no staples, and no hassle.

The frame is simple and low-profile, meaning that your view will be unobstructed by unsightly frame pillars. Have a larger opening? Not a problem! SCREENEZE can span up to 150 square feet.

Benefits of SCREENEZE

  • Can be used with large openings (Up to 150 sq ft!)
  • Installs from inside or outside
  • Spline-free and staple-free

SCREENEZE Porch System Specs:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: ¾” x ¾” base, 8’ and 12’ lengths
  • Colors: Bronze, Clay, Sand, White
  • Manufactured by SCREENEZE


Much like SCREENEZE, SnapTrack is an easy-to-install porch screening solution. You can install SnapTrack with several different screen meshes, giving you the creative flexibility you need to make your porch enclosure a statement piece of your home.

The cap and base system of SnapTrack is low-profile, meaning you can enjoy your million dollar views without having to fight off pests. The pre-drilled aluminum and hidden screws help it attach securely to your wooden or aluminum posts, so it will stay put for years to come.

Benefits of SnapTrack

  • Self-stretching and tightening, making installation extremely easy
  • Spline-free and staple-free
  • Flush-mounted for low profile

SnapTrack Porch System Specs:

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: ¾” x ¾” base, 8’ lengths
  • Colors: Bronze, Clay, Sand, White
  • Manufactured by SCREENEZE

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