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Your DIY Catio: Why Use A Pet Screen?

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Welcome back to the Metro Screenworks blog! Lately, we have been talking about catios — a cat patio — your cat’s next favorite place to hangout. Spring is the perfect time to start working on home improvement projects and installing a catio is a home improvement item on your honey do list that everyone in your family can get behind.

Building the purrrfect catio involves choosing the right design for your kitty as well as picking the building materials that will allow you to build the most comfortable and durable outdoor oasis for your feline fur baby.

Today on the Metro Screenworks blog, we are going to give you reasons to use pet screen or super screen. If you already know how awesome these window screening materials are, find what you need for your project at Metro Screenworks.

4 Reasons to Use Pet Screen

Window screening materials come in all “shapes and sizes” allowing for multiple customization options to accommodate your needs. Pet screen is made of vinyl-coated polyester causing it to be seven times stronger than regular screen. Keep reading to learn why pet owners everywhere love pet screen.

Affordable Chicken Wire Alternative

If you have been searching the internet to learn how other people all over the country are building their catios, you may have found that many use chicken wire to cover the outside of their structure. However, we would suggest using pet screen instead. Though chicken wire is extremely durable, it doesn’t offer many of the same benefits that pet screen provides. Our pet screen offers:

  • Pest protection
  • Keeps all critters out
  • Extended wear and tear

With pet screen being extremely affordable — with a 36 inch by 84 inch roll being only $23 — why not choose a material that is affordable and provides more benefits?

Protect Yourself & Your Kitty From Bug Pests

Because of the wider webbing of chicken wire, it can not keep out bugs like mosquitoes, and other critters such as small rabbits and mice. Pet screen, on the other hand, can keep out many of those pests that could irritate your kitty when they are relaxing outside — and you too if you make your catio big enough for both of you to enjoy. Keep out other critters that could leave messes in your kitty’s oasis and spread diseases with pet screen.

Durable For Extended Wear & Tear

As we mentioned above, pet screen is seven times stronger than traditional window screening materials. Not only can this level of durability result in fewer tears, holes, and rips in your screens from your cat’s paws, claws, and teeth, but it means that it is also resistant against other critters, as well as hail and other elemental factors. With pet screen, you can say goodbye to time spent rescreening your catio and other outdoor spaces.

Easy to Install

Pet screen is easy to install as well. Like many of our screening products, we offer pet screen in rolls. Screen rolls allow you to easily customize your catio however you want and to make repairs as needed. Install pet screen like you would any other screen. However, keep in mind that pet screen is thicker than traditional screen

We at Metro Screenworks swear by our pet screen. However, we understand that it isn’t the best for every project. If you don’t feel like pet screen will work for you, consider super screen. Super screen is three times stronger than traditional screen and is resistant to tearing and the wear and tear of weather elements such as hail. Shop both of these products at Metro! 

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