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The Health Benefits Your Catio Can Provide

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There are more than a few reasons why you should build a catio for your feline friend. One being that a catio can provide several health benefits that are difficult to offer any other way; catios can increase your pet’s well-being and physical health while keeping them safe from outdoor dangers.Today, we are going to dive in and explain how a catio can enrich your cat’s life.

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5 Health Benefits of Catios

Catios are a wonderful way to enrich your cat’s life and to promote their health and well-being — while increasing their owners peace of mind and lower your vet bills. Keep reading to learn how.

Fresh Air & Sunshine

It isn’t just their human counterparts that need sunshine and fresh air to feel their best. Cat’s need to get outside just as much as we do. Catios can provide a way to let your kitty enjoy the great outdoors at their leisure — while providing you peace of mind that they are safe and sound. Outdoor and indoor cats alike get access to sunshine and fresh air, while staying safe when they can enjoy a catio.

Provide More Exercise

Catios can offer your cats one more way to get the exercise that they need to stay trim, healthy, and happy. Catios can encourage your cats to stay active — even those that tend to be chubby and lazy. Keep you kitty entertained and playing all day long with a catio that has multiple shelves, a cat tree, and other toys.

Mitigate Multi-Cat Issues

When there can only be one alpha and it’s sometimes difficult for certain cats to occupy the same space together, a catio can provide extra space so all cats have a place to play and relax. In many ways, a catio can lower tension, prevent fights, and generally foster more harmony at home between your feline family members.

Protect From Danger

If your cat likes to go outside, but everytime you let them out to roam, you feel gripped with anxiety, if may be time to build them a catio. A catio can be a great way to let your kitty explore the great outdoors while keeping them safe from danger. They can also keep your cat away from careless drivers, poisonous materials, predators, and other harmful situations.

Keep Away From Disease

Additionally, a catio can keep your kitty away from potential diseases. Many pests and prey can carry diseases that can make your cat sick or cause even more serious problems. A catio, especially one made with screen, can protect your cat, lower your vet bills, and give you peace of mind.

Ready to DIY Your Catio?

Are you ready to start building or searching for more information about building the purrfect catio? Metro Screenworks is your one stop for all things catio-related. Be sure to check out our blog to learn more about what a catio actually is, what makes a purrfect catio, and even more reasons why your kitty needs a catio. Shop our pet screen, super screen, and other pet accessories online for the most affordable prices and highest quality materials! 

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