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What is VirusGuard?

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Welcome back to the Metro Screenworks blog! Lately on our blog we have been talking about Allergy Guard. Not only is it the perfect time to install Allergy Guard as spring is here and summer is right around the corner and it’s allergy season, but Allergy Guard can also provide help during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Allergy Guard is air-filtering window screen that can keep pollen, pollutants, dust and dirt, fly ash, bacteria, and viruses out of your home due to its 3-layer nano screen technology. As a result, Allergy Guard can filter particles as small as 0.02 microns, which means it can easily filter the coronavirus measuring 0.1-0.3. Not only is this exciting for all the numerous applications for Allergy Guard, but it also provides even more benefits such as exceptional air flow; fresh air is recommended by the CDC as a means to ensure one’s health and fight the spread of coronavirus.

However, Allergy Guard isn’t the only exciting product that could hinder the spread of COVID-19. VirusGuard is also one of their products and the material that the company has turned all of its focus towards in light of current events.

Keep reading to learn more about VirusGuard and the potential benefits it can provide. To shop Allergy Guard and Virus Guard, visit Metro Have questions? We’d love to help you. Contact us today.

VirusGuard: Multi-Functional Air-Filtering Mesh

Though VirusGuard is similar to Allergy Guard in effectiveness and function, it has been manufactured for the sole purpose of keeping viruses, and more specifically, the coronavirus at bay. VirusGuard is offered in three types which can be used for creating masks, partition curtains, and more.

VirusGuard NanoScreen Fabric // Type 9001 Standard Grade

The primary application of VirusGuard Type 9001 is for creating masks. It can be used to create both disposable and reusable masks. VirusGuard can be easily cut, sewn, trimmed, and placed within a disposable or reusable fabric mask. Reusable masks can be worth 30-40 days and can be hand-washed with soap and water. Machine washing is not recommended. This type of material is:

  • 3 layers
  • 70 gsm
  • Inner nanofiber function core is laminated between 100% polyester fabric
  • Meets or exceeds ASHRAE 52.1 standards

VirusGuard NanoScreen Fabric // Type 9002 Standard Grade

This type of VirusGuard is also designed for creating masks. However, it is designed for facilities who are looking for rapid mask production ramp-up. This material is five layers thick and can be hand-washed as well, but still should not be machine washed. Masks created from this fabric can also be worth for 30-40 days with proper care. This material is:

  • 5 layers
  • 335 gsm
  • Type 9001 function core ultrasonically welded between 100% polyester fabric faces
  • Meets or exceeds ASHRAE 52.1 standards

VirusGuard NanoMask Fabric // Type 9002 Standard Grade

  • Construction = 5-layer / Type 9001 functional core (above) ultrasonically welded between
  • durable 100% polyester exterior fabric faces
  • Fabric Weight = 335 gsm
  • Roll Width = 59”
  • Roll Length = 30 meters = 98.4 Linear Feet
  • Roll Weight = 17.6 kg = 38.8 lbs

Allergy Guard

This type of air filtering mesh is to be used for partition and window screen applications. It is heavy-duty, durable and puncture resistant, and looks like window screen mesh. It is also see-through and talk-through, and allows for partial privacy. This mesh material is:

  • 3-layer
  • 160 gsm
  • Nanofiber is laminated between heavy-duty exterior screen mesh fabrics.
  • 4-times stronger than stainless-steel window screen (Puncture resistant of 487 Newtons versus 114 Newtons of steel mesh)
  • Meets or exceeds ASHRAE 52.1 standards

As a partition it can be used with cubicles or in an open office floor plan. It can also be used in industrial production line spaces. It can not only filter the coronavirus, but can also reduce the spread of airborne droplets. What’s more, this material can be used easily with heavy-duty tape, Gorilla tape, and other materials that are normally found in the field allowing you to easily use Allergy Guard. Because of the possible applications of Allergy Guard, it can help quarantine various affected groups easily; it can be purchased in rolls or as pre-assembled window screens. 

Allergy Guard

  • Construction = 3-Layer High tensile strength PVC-coated synthetic exterior & interior face
  • construction with integrated VirusGuard nano-fiber filtration media
  • Screen Weight = 170 GSM
  • Roll Width = 47” & 59”
  • Roll Length = 50 meters = 164 Linear Feet
  • Roll Weight = 15.0 kg = 33.1 lbs

VirusGuard & Mask Production

Federal, state, and local governments have relaxed the requirements for the masks that must be worn in public places because a mask is better than no mask. As a result, bandanas, old shirts, and other materials are being used as a means of protection. However, VirusGuard offers significantly more protection than these household items and materials, as it can not only filter the actual virus, but can protect a person from the moisture droplets that carry the virus.

To learn more about VirusGuard and to purchase some today, visit Metro  

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