The Forever Screen

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STOP: Glass Breakage -  Vandalism - Pet Damage - Golf Balls - Hail Damage -  Wild Animals  -  Never Rescreen Again!

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Product Overview

The Forever Screen: Never Re-Screen Again

End the cycle of constant window screen repair and replacement

The Forever Screen is constructed with a profile that makes it possible to replace existing window screens in a majority of track system windows. Optional additions are available such as hinges, spring latches, single point latches, framing angles and mounting hardware, which can be furnished where required. The Forever Screen is highly versatile, so be sure to use the hardware that best suits your needs. Call Metro Screenworks to see all of the options available!

Applications for the Forever Screen

  • Homeowner:  Do you have one or more screens on your house that are constantly being broken and replaced? Whether the abuse is coming from squirrels, pets, or children, the Forever Screen is up to the task. 

  • Apartments or Universities:  Do you have a building where you annually have to replace many screens due to tenant abuse? Put an end to this cycle of replacement and repair of window screens.  The Forever Screen is the solution.

  • The Forever Screen is built to tolerate abuse from all kinds of critters, such as cats, dogs, squirrels, raccoons, wild birds and more.

  • Abuse from tenants, children, and vandals. With proper hardware, the Forever Screen can be installed much like a security screen for even more protection. 

  • Takes a beating from the weather elements like hail, high winds, and hot and cold weather extremes. The Forever Screen is also fireproof- meaning that it can prevent hot embers from nearby fires to enter your home, making it ideal for anyone living in areas prone to forest fires. 

  • Protect your window glass from stray golf balls, hail storms, wind storms, and other cases of flying debris.   (To use to protect glass, The Forever Screen needs to be installed about 1 inch off glass using aluminum angle or flange.)
  • Or as a fireplace screen to protect against flying embers, 

Ember-resistant Screen Solution - California Building Code Compliant!

If you're looking for a fire resistant vent screen cover, look no further than the Forever Screen. The Forever Screen is ember-resistant, corrosion-resistant and noncombustible, meaning that it is compliant with chapter 7A of the California building code for exterior wildfire exposure. If enough embers from surrounding wildfires are able to enter your home or building, they can potentially ignite things within it, which is what makes house vent ember protection vital to protecting your home, especially if you are in an area prone to wildfires. Flame and ember resistant vents are easy with the Forever Screen. 


The Forever Screen is maintenance-free, meaning you may never rescreen your windows again. Never have a broken or bent screen frame again! This heavy-duty stainless steel screen mesh (available in .023 & .028 thickness) is not held in with mere rubber spline that can be easily pushed out. The stainless steel screen material is held in place in the pressed area of the screen frame by the design of the aluminum extrusion.

Ordinary window screens create a false sense of security! When installed properly, The Forever Screen can also act as a child safety screen and protect against vandals entering through open windows. 

Forever Screen Specs

Forever Screen Materials:

  • All Sections of the screen shall be an Extruded Aluminum solid profile of a 6063-T Alloy.
  • Wire Cloth shall be standard tensile strength stainless steel alloy #304, .018, .023 or .028 diameter.  16ga, 18ga, and 20ga
  • Frame profile shall not exceed .25" at track insertion point

Forever Screen Construction

  • The frame shall be cut with a mitered corner construction.  The screen material will be compressed into the jaw of the frame material and the frame miters will be welded.
  • The screen material is held in place in the pressed area of the screen frame by the design of the aluminum extrusion
  • Stainless Steel Tension Springs can be included on the side or the top depending on the window application.
  • Screen may be used as an insert style or mounted separately in a sub frame system, hinged, barrel bolts, or other attachments as needed.

Forever Screen Finish

  • All exposed areas of stainless wire cloth and frames shall be thoroughly washed, rinsed and chemically pre-treated in preparation for powder coating when a paint finish is required.  A Polyester Powder paint finish shall be electrostatically applied, and baked for a minimum of 15 minutes at 400 degreeesF.  Powder coat paint finish shall be a minimum of 1.5 mil thickness.
  • The Entire Screen Frame and Stainless Steel Wire are BOTH painted the same color.  The entirety of the screen is painted the one color you choose!

 The Forever screen’s clean lines and unobtrusive design integrate simply with all architectural styles. It delivers optimal protection for medical facilities, assisted and independent living communities, universities, schools, military housing, and public housing.

The Forever Screen is a  heavy-duty security screen that  delivers a safe, aesthetic and economical solution to the costly problems of hail, burglary, vandalism, and maintenance.




Different options available by special order, such as hinges, throw bolts and standoff flanges: