Porch Screen Panels With BetterVue Invisible Screen

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Product Overview

Our porch panels with BetterVue screen offer ultimate outward visibility with the advantage of better durability with our extruded aluminum frame. What’s more, you have the option of screwing the panels in place, or installing them in the jamb between stops or with our casement clips. Our screen panels can remain up year-round or be removed as needed for cleaning or change of season. Please allow 7 to 10 days to manufacture.


  •  Durable design & quality materials
  • ½ inch thick aluminum frame for increased durability
  • Can be permanently installed with screws, or temporarily installed in the jamb between stops or with casement clips
  • Multiple frame colors - black, white, almond, beige, bronze, mill (silver), and others
  • Made-to-size
  • Manufactured in our Denver-based warehouse

BetterVue Screen

  • Also called “invisible screen”
  • A black mesh that offers more optical clarity for a crisper, brighter outward view
  • Provides the most visibility of screen types
  • Best for enjoying outdoor views
  • Sheds water and is dirt-resistant
  • Offers optimal airflow and natural light
  • GREENGUARD-certified

*BetterVue is not actually invisible or a clear mesh but appears invisible because of its finely woven construction, and when compared to the visibility that standard fiberglass offers. 

 We also offer unassembled porch panel kits. For contractors and larger projects, request a bid.

Suggested Tools For Installation

  • Power drill (for fixed installation)


Learn more about our custom porch panels below or contact us! We would love to answer your questions and help you find the right products for your home improvement projects. You can also visit the Metro Screenworks showroom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. 

What Are Invisible Screens?

Screens that provide enhanced visibility. BetterVue screen, also called invisible screen, can provide the most visibility of all the screen mesh types, due to its charcoal color, strand size, and its water-wicking and dirt resistant abilities. BetterVue is designed to be used in large openings such as porch panels 

What Is The Best Screen For Visibility?

BetterVue screen. BetterVue is a vinyl-coated polyester screen designed to provide ultimate visibility. Due to its strand size, color (black), and its water- and dirt-resistant qualities, it allows for the best visibility even during wet weather. 

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