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Feb 1st 2018

Designing Your Dream Pool Patio

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Designing Your Dream Pool Patio

Winter’s cold winds, cloudy days, and time spent inside often have us dreaming of the sunny days of summer, reminiscing of memories of last summer or summers long past. We often already start making plans for next summer, those favorite things we enjoy and those things that we have always wanted to do each summer.

Summer Dreaming

What are you dreaming about for your summer? Maybe it’s more time spent outside, or more time spent with friends during the time of the year when the weather can’t interfere. Ever wish for more relaxing days in the sun by the pool? If those are things you dream about, then maybe it’s time to start thinking and dreaming about having your own pool!

Pool Perks

For many of us, the thought of having our own pool seems unrealistic or a poor use of money, but there are several perks to having a pool!

Spend more time with friends - Most people love a pool. Spend more time with friends this upcoming summer! Pools are also great for those with kids, because pools make it easy for parents to get some “adult” social time while their kids enjoy the thrills of playing in a pool.

Control the guest list - Ever been at a pool and been frustrated by other guests? If you have your own, gone are the days of crowded pools and dealing with other people’s mess or misbehaving children. You control the cleanliness of the pool, as well!

More time in the sun - If you have your own pool, you can spend more time in the sun! Most people are vitamin D deficient which can lead to health issues such as cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, and other serious diseases, as well as depression. Have fun and stay healthy at the same time!

Pool Planning

Now that you know the perks of owning your own pool, it’s time to start the planning process; we all know planning always makes projects more successful and when it comes to a dream pool, you deserve the best. As you plan be sure to prioritize, and take everything one step at a time. Here are the next steps to take to have that pool that you’ve always wanted!


First, as you are considering installing a pool, you need to fully know what you want. Ask yourself what you want to get out of your pool: Do you want a pool that can serve as a place to relax or one that affords a place for fitness, i.e. swimming laps? Also, you need to consider how many months out of the year you want to be able to use your pool: Do you want a heated pool? Research what is possible for your pool, spend time looking at home improvement magazines, and even look on Pinterest and see what the possibilities are for your pool. Create a physical or digital vision board for your pool. Prioritize the things that you really want in a pool and the aspects of your pool that, if you didn’t get them, wouldn’t be devastating.

Get a Contractor

Once you have an idea what you want in a pool, get a contractor. They will know the ins and outs of how to properly install a pool, help you know what your limits and possibilities are based on your plot, as well as how you can mostly have your pool needs and wants. Spend time researching for the best local contractor so you get the most for your money and get that pool of your dreams!


Next comes the fun part! After you have your pool designed and a contractor picked, start thinking about how you can make your pool your own, and a place of absolute peace, rest, and fun! Plants, large decorative pots, and statues can be great additions to any poolside! Twinkle or globe lights, as well as paper lanterns, make great additions for evening poolside parties or night swims. Maybe even consider a terrace or making a useful and decorative privacy wall.

Also, consider what poolside furniture you need: Do you want just pool chairs to lounge in for that tan, or do you want tables as well, and maybe an area for poolside eats and drinks?

Screen System

One of the most important parts of an outdoor pool to consider is the screen system. Though we hope to spend time out in the sun, too much sun exposure, as we have all experienced, can make any pool time less than fun. Get roll down shades that can shade your area, but still allow some sun, for a healthy tan and vitamin D to get through.

Metro Screenworks has custom shades and screen systems that can fit your dream pool. Consider screening in a part of your pool patio with solar screen to not only protect yourself and friends or children from too much sun exposure, but also protect them from bugs and other pests! Don’t want to screen in your pool area? No problem! We have solar shades and screen systems to fit your pool area needs!


Once you have the idea of a pool in mind, it’s hard to wait through the winter months to start making that pool a reality. But a benefit to having more time to wait to start your dream pool project is you have more time to budget for a dream pool’s financial commitment! Also, having more time to budget puts less strain on one particular month. Start budgeting for upfront costs such as a contractor and construction materials, while considering how much the entire project (i.e. furniture, decorations, privacy wall etc.) with cost you.

Plan the Party

The last part of pool dreaming and planning is to plan the party! Especially if you tell your friends that you are getting a pool, you must plan for an unveiling party, where you and your friends can share in the enjoyment of a personal and private pool. And, as mentioned before, it can be a family affair! Invite your kids’ friends and their parents, or invite the family, and enjoy adult social time while the kids play in the pool.

Winter doesn’t have to be a time of just reminiscing about summer memories and warmer days: You can start planning for the best summer you’ve ever had! Also, a pool patio can make a great Christmas present! Surprise your spouse with the pool patio they’ve always wanted or maybe you have the pool already, but need an upgrade? Order custom shades or a custom screen system that will make your pool the perfect place for summer fun and relaxation!

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Metro Screenworks is Here to Help!

Not sure what kind of screen system you need or would be the most effective for your pool patio? Call Metro Screenworks today! We would love to help you have the pool patio of your dreams, and have various types of products available for you so you can truly have a customized screen system. We understand that no-one’s home, life, and dreams are one size fit’s all, so why should screens? Shop our custom screen systems today!