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Storm Windows

Storm Windows

Storm Window Quality Features

Our performance storm windows offer the best protection and best quality in the market. The heavy-duty metal finger pulls and tilt keys are built to last. Our storm windows for sale use only high tempered T-6 aluminum to build the master frame and wrap around marine glazing that adds a barrier to the window. Plus, the pre-punched installation holes make installation a breeze.

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Why Buy a Storm Window?

Storm Windows install over your existing windows. They are much more reasonably priced than replacement windows. Different styles are available for single or double hung windows, picture windows, or sliding storm windows. They save you both time and money in the initial cost, not to mention energy savings in the months ahead.

Storm windows are purchased in order to provide an air-tight seal for your window opening. This is to reduce drafts and dust drifting in through any existing cracks, joints, or seams in your current window's frame. Storm windows provide a thermal barrier that prevents both heat from within being lost through the window and exterior cold from coming in.

Other reasons to purchase storm windows are: street noise is reduced considerably, your house will remain cooler in the summer months, home security, reductions in city air pollution and soot from entering your home, as well as, dirt, dust, sand and wind storm debris.

Storm windows not only enhance your personal environment, they also add new comfort and security to your home.

Why Storm Windows Instead of Replacement Windows?

  • Reduces air leaks, therefore adding warmth.
  • Adds insulation (heat retention in winter, cooling in summer) and noise control year round.
  • No structural damage to your home.
  • At some point the insulated glass seal will fail in replacement windows. This can be a costly replacement. (Storm windows are not hermetically sealed and therefore do not fail.)
  • Keeps historical homes "Historically Correct," (you retain your beautiful old windows and heirloom glass).
  • Generally does not require carpentry.
  • Installing replacement windows can take from one to three days. Storm windows can be installed in an afternoon!

What Improvements in the R-Factor Rating Can I Expect?

Windows are a primary source of heat loss because they are both a poor thermal barrier (R factor of only 0.89) and often a source of air infiltration. Adding storm windows greatly improves these poor characteristics... This will result in a window assembly (window plus storm window) with an R factor of 1.79 which outperforms a double paned window assembly (with an air space up to 1/2") that only has an R factor of 1.72." Quoted directly from Preservation Brief Number 3, Department of the Interior. Contact us today to learn more!

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For all other questions about your custom storm windows, check out our FAQ page or Contact us! Want more ideas for your custom screens or sliding screen doors? Read our blog!

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