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Allergy Guard Screen Rolls For Air Filtration

When you install BMT AllergyGuard™ window shield mesh, you are creating a forcefield that blocks out harmful airborne particles that can be harmful to your family's health.

BMT AllergyGuard™  delivers superior filtration performance. The only product that screens out such fine particle sizes. BMT AllergyGuard™  allows people to enjoy fresh air without worrying about pollen, pollutants, or other fine particles from entering their home or office. Our purpose is to promote health and wellness across North America and our goal is to empower millions of people that suffer from allergies to turn off the air conditioners and open their windows and doors and let the fresh air flow into their homes and work environments.

 Install More Effective Screens

Typical household window and door screens do little to prevent pollen from getting in. The mesh on these screens may be small enough to stop flying insects, but pollen particles are much smaller than even the tiniest bugs.

The good news is, homeowners can now purchase NanoScreen  BMT AllergyGuard capable of filtering out particles as small as 250 nanometers. Window shields will allow fresh air in but keep pollen, dust, and even most viruses, from entering the home. They help to improve overall indoor air quality in addition to providing respite for those with pollen allergies.