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Apr 1st 2020

Do Air Filtration Screens Work?

Do Air Filtration Screens Work?

Welcome back to the Metro Screenworks blog! Though there is much difficulty that is facing our world right now, one small piece of positivity is that spring is just around the corner — warmer temperatures, longer days, fresh air, and more opportunities to spend time outside. Flowers, plants, and trees will begin to bloom turning the brown winter scene out many of our windows into a lush, green landscape. The only downside to all of this beautiful life outside is the allergies that they bring.

In our last blog post “What Are Allergies?,” we discussed what allergies actually are. Many people are familiar with the symptoms, but it may be a safe assumption to make that many in the public don’t understand what is happening in the body to cause allergies. Allergies, explained simply, are our bodies’ immune system’s reaction to certain harmless substances. When our body comes in contact with these allergens, a chemical called histamines are produced, which cause all of the symptoms of allergies (runny nose, itchy eyes, etc.). To learn more about allergies, check out our last post

Allergies are our bodies’ immune system’s reaction to certain harmless substances. 

You may be wondering why, of all things, a window screen company is talking about allergies. Window screens and screen doors just keep insects and other critters out of our home, right? Actually, that isn’t the case anymore. Metro Screenworks specializes in providing window screens, screen doors, patio screening systems, and other screen products that do so much more than just keep the bugs out. Some of those benefits that some of our specialty window mesh can offer are air filtration and allergy protection.

Allergy Guard & Pollen Guard: Do They Work?

The two products that we offer at Metro Screenworks for air filtration benefits and allergy protection are Pollen Guard and Allergy Guard. Both of these window screen types catch pollen and some other substances before they have a chance to find their way inside our homes and buildings. Regular screen only filters out 20% of allergens and other substances. However, pollen screen and window filter screen block 50% and more of pollen and other allergens and pollution, depending on the type of screen you buy. 

Pollen Guard: Keep Pollen Out, Let Fresh Air In

Pollen screen can help you say “goodbye” to stale indoor air and the symptoms of allergies that you experience when you go outside. It can allow you to stop having to choose between opening your windows and having a cooler more comfortable house — but suffering from allergies — or keeping your home sealed up and dealing with the heat and indoor pollution of your home that could also be contributing to your allergies.

With pollen screen, you can enjoy all the benefits of fresh air for your home without having to deal with the consequences of your allergies later.

How Does It Work?

Pollen Guard is made of small, woven polyester and coated with a substance that catches the pollen and other allergens before they have a chance to blow through the screen. As a result, 50% or more of all the pollen and other allergens that cause allergy symptoms are kept outside where they belong. Pollen screen is the solution for those who suffer from seasonal allergies.

Does It Actually Work?

If you are thinking pollen filtering screen is too good to be true, you aren’t the first. However, if you watched the demo video from above you can see that the screen actually does catch the substance applied. However, if you want to filter out more than just pollen, Allergy Guard is the window screen material for you!

Allergy Guard: Open Your Windows With Peace of Mind

Allergy Guard is much like pollen screen. However, it can provide you even more benefits due to its enhanced construction. This screen that acts as a window screen filter can block:

  • Pollen
  • Pollution
  • Fly ash
  • Bacteria
  • Agricultural and airborne dust

To understand how truly revolutionary this product is, we must talk about nanometers. Nanometers is a measurement used to talk about very small particles. A normal screen can block out particles measuring 2,000,000 nanometers. However, Allergy Guard can block out particles 300 nanometers and smaller. This means that this window screen filter screen can filter out some of the smallest particles that are often suspended in the air we breath such as:

  • Fine dust (250-1000 nanometers)
  • Some viruses (20-399 nanometers)
  • Bacteria (greater than 250 nanometers)
  • Fly ash (greater than 250 nanometers)
  • Pollen (greater than 250 nanometers)

How Does Allergy Guard Work?

Allergy Guard uses 3 layers of mesh to keep pollen and other substances at bay:

  • High strength vinyl coated glass fiber
  • Proprietary nano fiber layer
  • 100% polyester interior face

The Allergy Guard screen that we sell isn’t just a good idea or something that only kinda delivers on its promises: this product really works, and there are test results to prove it. 

Together these layers not only provide filtering benefits, but they also offer:

  • excellent durability
  • UV and heat protection
  • Blockage of rain water
  • corrosion resistant

Even though it may seem that these benefits would make seeing through the screen and air flow limited, it actually has no effect on visibility or air flow effectiveness.

Which Type of Air Filtration Screen Do I Choose?

If you are convinced that you must invest in air filtration screens for your home or business, your next question may be now, which one do you choose — Pollen Guard or Allergy Guard?

 Both types offer benefits and so, no matter what you choose to invest in, you will undoubtedly enjoy a nearly allergy-free experience. However, Allergy Guard can provide you many more additional benefits that can make the extra cost (yes, Allergy Guard is a little more expensive than Pollen Guard) well worth it. These screens will last a long time, making your investment in your new window screens truly a long-term investment. 

Learn more about pollen screen and window screen filter screen at MetroScreenworks.com, and for any questions about our products, outfitting your home or business with window screens, or how we work with contractors, contact us! We have been your window screen experts for over 40 years and look forward to helping you find the right screens for your needs.