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Allergy Filter Screens

Allergy Guard is a high-performance, nano-fiber window screen mesh. This window screen filter is an advanced home and institutional nano-fiber screen mesh for window screens engineered to block most airborne allergens and ultra-fine dust:
•Filters out fine Ultra fine dust PM 2.5 and fine dust PM 10. Also Yellow dusts and pollen, ultra-fine dust, and more!
•Unlike conventional window screens, Allergy Guard blocks most bacteria, fly ash, pollen, hair, and agricultural & airborne dust. These window dust filter screens form a defensive barrier to prevent entry into the home or office.
•They also have excellent filtering efficiency to block ultra-fine particulate matter & allergens down to 300 nanometers.
•By comparison, the standard window fly screen only filters much larger particles the size of 2,000,000 nanometers.
•These pollen screens have high porosity 80-85% = High permeability for excellent air circulation.
•The high strength 3-layer construction provides superior durability.
•These window filter screens also block 95% of rain and water.
•They also provide excellent visibility while blocking more than 90% of UV light and 50% of infrared light.

NanoScreen™ Filtration Technology can be used to defend and mitigate against a wide range of airborne particles.

See What Our Customers Are Saying:
Allergy Guard is a window filtration screen that can not only keep pollen out of your home but also bacteria, fly ash, dirt, dust, and pollution and more.