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Allergy Filter Screens

BMT AllergyGuard Window Shield

Made with BMT NanoScreen Technology

Metro Screenworks Inc. is introducing the latest in window screening material technology.  We can manufacture window screens with BMT AllergyGuard or provide rolls of BMT AllergyGuard for you to install in your existing screens or any opening as needed.  This multi-purpose window air filter screen is a must to protect your family from the pollution that is a growing problem in today's world.

BMT AllergyGuard Window Shield is a high performing functional screen on rolls that blocks or restricts a wide spectrum of unwanted airborne particles including pollen and allergens as well as fly ash, agricultureal dust, coal dust, bacteria and droplets carrying many virus particles.  A heavy-duty, highly durable, puncture resistan NanoScreen technology product designed for window and door installation and any screen-in enclosure where protection is required. .

Allergy Guard is a high-performance, nano-fiber window screen mesh. This window screen filter is an advanced home and institutional nano-fiber screen mesh for window screens engineered to block most airborne allergens and ultra-fine dust:
•Filters out fine Ultra fine dust PM 2.5 and fine dust PM 10. Also Yellow dusts and pollen, ultra-fine dust, and more!
•Unlike conventional window screens, Allergy Guard blocks most bacteria, fly ash, pollen, hair, and agricultural & airborne dust. These window dust filter screens form a defensive barrier to prevent entry into the home or office.
•They also have excellent filtering efficiency to block ultra-fine particulate matter & allergens down to 300 nanometers.
•By comparison, the standard window fly screen only filters much larger particles the size of 2,000,000 nanometers.
•These pollen screens have high porosity 80-85% = High permeability for excellent air circulation.
•The high strength 3-layer construction provides superior durability.
•These window filter screens also block 95% of rain and water.
•They also block more than 90% of UV light and 50% of infrared light.

NanoScreen™ Filtration Technology can be used to defend and mitigate against a wide range of airborne particles.

See What Our Customers Are Saying:
Allergy Guard is a window filtration screen that can not only keep pollen out of your home but also bacteria, fly ash, dirt, dust, and pollution and more.