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 “Engineered with NanoScreen™ Filtration Technology”

TESTIMONIAL OF ALLERGY GUARD SCREEN: "It’s for my horses stall as it backs up to a nursery and he has allergies.  It’s made a huge difference. That entire window behind him is now screened in. He is so much happier.  An entire new market for you to sell to...barns and horse owners. I have owned many horses and this is my first one with them…but they are bad, he has shots and medication and I was about to get additional testing for $1000 but I thought lets try to get the pollen off him first. So one of the horses next to him has really bad runny eyes from allergies and she saw this and said, i am going to order it too….



NanoScreen™ Filtration Technology can be used to defend and mitigate against a wide range of airborne particles that can carry many viruses including COVID-19.

 NanoScreen™ can be used in many applications including:

  • Allergy Guard for WINDOW AND SLIDING SCREEN DOORS - filters pollen and air pollution
  • Virus Guard for FACE MASKS- filter virus, pollen and more
  • Allergy Guard for ADJUSTABLE WINDOW SCREENS - stock sizes or custom, slides to open or adjust to opening sizes
  • Allergy Guard for OFFICE PARTITIONS - protect against spreading virus at work 
  • Allergy Guard for AIR AND HEATING VENTS-  add  another layer of filtration in every room
  • Excellent filtration efficiency engineered to block microscopic airborne particles in a nano filtration mesh range of 20-800 nano meters (0.02 – 0.8 microns).
  • Blocks or restricts a wide range pollen, allergens, fly ash, agricultural & coal dust, bacteria, and droplets carrying a range of virus particles. 

The proprietary BMT NanoScreen™ technology at the core of our Allergy Guard Window Shield screen forms a defensive barrier to prevent entry of these unwanted airborne particles into the home, office, workspace, or institutional and industrial facilities.

 Allergy Guard is an Excellent Choice For:

  • Homeowners & Condominium Owners
  • Real Estate Developers & Builders
  • Construction Companies
  • Hotel & Hospitality Operations
  • Government Agencies
  • Allergy, Health & Wellness Institutions
  • Architecture & Interior Design Firms
  • Enclosed Greenhouse, Botanical & Sustainable Agriculture Operations
  • Stables, Barns & Equestrian Facilities where Animal Allergy Defense is Required


  • 3-layer / 160 gsm / NanoScreen™ functional core between heavy-duty exterior screen faces
  • Extremely high puncture resistance of 487 Newtons
  • More than 4 times stronger than conventional stainless-steel window screen
  • Packed on 34 lb / 59” Width easy to handle rolls for rapid delivery to any location for cut & mount
  • In addition to mounting in traditional window & door frames, can be hung in work spaces and industrial spaces where protection from unwanted airborne particles is required
  • Field mounting permits Allergy Guard to be hung or mounted by employee work teams using heavy-duty duct tape / Gorilla tape / or other improvised field attachment means / doorway entry flaps can be cut using a box knife
  • Supports our environment and energy efficiency by reducing costly electricity consumption.  Needless air conditioning expense can be eliminated for a significant portion of the year
  • Engineered with BMT NanoScreen™ Technology


 Blocks very small particle size range of 0.02 microns (μm) = 20 nm and above





  • 1 meter = 100 centimeters
  • 1 centimeter = 10 millimeters
  • 1 millimeter = 1000 microns (μm) (also called micrometers but we will use microns)
  • 1 micron (μm) = 1000 nanometers
  • Micron (μm) = Micrometer = 1000 times smaller than a millimeter
  • 1000 microns (μm) = 1 millimeter (mm)
  • 1 micron (μm) = 1000 nanometers
  •  Nanometer (nm) = 1000 times smaller than a micron (μm)
  • 1 nm = 1 billionth of a meter


  • General / macro virus size range spectrum = 20 - 300 nm
  • Factory R&D States // Coronavirus Size Range = 0.1 – 0.3 microns (μm)

Allergy Guard Mesh = Blocks very small particle size range of 0.02 microns (μm) = 20 nm and above

The Allergy Guard nanofiber filtration capacity covers the full virus particle size spectrum

  • - Independent cross-check / Britannica / stated Coronavirus size = 120 nm = 0.12 microns (μm)
  • - Independent cross check / Stanford University / stated Coronavirus size = 80-160 nm = 0.08 – 0.16 microns (μm)
  • - Independent cross-check / Smart Air / Stated Coronavirus size = approx 125 nm = 0.125 microns average in a range of 0.06 - 0.14 microns (μm)
  • - Other Reference // BMT File / Electron microscope photo coronavirus size = 100 nm = 0.1 microns (μm) 
  • REFERENCE ONLY // COMMON MARKET N95 MASK / DEFINITION = A typical market N95 mask is a type of respirator which removes particles from the air that are breathed through it.
  • These respirators filter out at least 95% of very small (0.3 micron) particles.
  • N95 masks are capable of filtering out all types of particles, including bacteria and viruses.
  •  Allergy Guard can filter out much finer particle sizes as noted above.


Customer Experience:

"OMG! The pollen has started in earnest and guess what?! These screens are keeping the house pollen free! I cannot believe it. I am going to do the master bedroom screens tomorrow as it is a dust bowl. Yech! 

I will take some pictures to show the difference. It is amazing. I am so pleased. Well, I am going to post on local forums and FB pages about this. . Can I put your name and 800# out there?"

Cheers  Angela


Metro Screenworks Inc. is introducing the latest in window screening material technology. We can manufacture window screens with Allergy Guard or provide rolls of Allergy Guard for you to install in your existing screens or any opening as needed. This multi-purpose window air filter screen is a must to protect your family from the pollution that is a growing problem in today's world.

 Allergy Guard is a high-performance, nano-fiber window screen mesh. This window screen filter is an advanced home and institutional nano-fiber screen mesh for window screens engineered to block most airborne allergens and ultra-fine dust:

  • Filters out fine Ultra fine dust PM 2.5 and fine dust PM 10. Also Yellow dusts and pollen, ultra-fine dust, and more!
  • Unlike conventional window screens, Allergy Guard blocks most bacteria, fly ash, pollen, hair, and agricultural & airborne dust. These window dust filter screens form a defensive barrier to prevent entry into the home or office.

  • They also have excellent filtering efficiency to block ultra-fine particulate matter & allergens down to 300 nanometers.

  • By comparison, the standard window fly screen only filters much larger particles the size of 2,000,000 nanometers.

  • These pollen screens have high porosity 80-85% = High permeability for excellent air circulation.

  • The high strength 3-layer construction provides superior durability.

  • These window filter screens also block 95% of rain and water.

  • They also provide excellent visibility while blocking more than 90% of UV light and 50% of infrared light.