Porch Screen Panels With BMT AllergyGuard™ Screen

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Custom Made To Size, Allow 7 to 12 Days Till Shipped
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Product Overview

If allergies and air-quality issues affect your ability to enjoy the outdoors then our AllergyGuard porch panels may be the solution you need. This screen mesh employs NanoScreen™ technology which can filter pollen, pollutants, dirt, and other particles. The heavy-duty aluminum frame we use to manufacture our panels will ensure that your screens last for years to come. Please allow 7 to 10 days to manufacture.


  • Durable design & quality materials
  • ½ inch thick aluminum frame for increased durability
  • Can be permanently installed with screws, or temporarily installed in the jamb between stops or with casement clips
  • Multiple frame colors - black, white, almond, beige, bronze, mill (silver), and others
  • Made-to-size
  • Manufactured in our Denver-based warehouse
  • Can remain up year-round or removed for cleaning or season change

Allergy Guard*

  • Filtration of fine dust, pollen, bacteria, smoke, viruses, and more
  • Blocks 95% of rain and water spray to help prevent water damage and mold
  • Corrosive-resistant
  • 50% thinner than a standard window screen
  • Blocks 69% of UV light and 50% of infrared light
  • Easy-to-clean with just a rag and water

*reduced visibility

For contractors and larger projects, request a bid.

Suggested Tools For Installation

  • Power drill (for fixed installation)


Learn more about our screen porch panels below. You can also contact the screen experts at Metro Screenworks. We would love to answer your questions and help you find the products you need. You can also see our products in person at the Metro Screenworks showroom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. 

Do Window Screens Stop Pollen?

Regular window screen can’t but a specialty window screen called AllergyGuard can. AllergyGuard is designed to filter out pollen and other particles to help make your outdoor experience more enjoyable. Standard fiberglass screen mesh only provides insect protection. AllergyGuard, on the other hand, offers insect protection as well as the benefits of pollen-filtering capabilities. 

How Do I Stop Dirt From Coming Through My Screens?

With AllergyGuard screen. When you install AllergyGuard in your porch enclosure, you will enjoy insect protection as well as protection against pollen, dust, and pollution. If you are tired of a dusty porch enclosure, AllergyGuard might be just the upgrade you need. 

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