Summer Screen Project Musts

Jun 10th 2020

Summer Screen Project Musts

Summer Screen Project Musts

Summer is the perfect time for a lot of things: drinking lemonade on the back porch, spending time with your family, and getting out of the house for a little more sunshine. However, it is also the perfect time to make some improvements to your home that you will immediately benefit from.

Stick around to learn about the home improvement projects worth your time this summer, and be sure to shop Metro Screenworks website for the best screen projects at the most affordable prices.

Screen home improvements: summer edition

Taking time from relaxing in the sun or spending a Saturday working on the house may seem like a lot to commit to during everyone’s favorite season. However, these projects are sure to increase the enjoyment of the rest of summer.

Replace Missing Screens

If your home or other living space does not have screens, it is the perfect time to install them. Why? Even if you run your AC more than you open your windows, having protection from insects and other pests is essential. What’s more, window screens such as solar screens can offer you some relief from the heat and could lower your energy bill. Do your pets keep tearing holes in your screens? Install pet screens to finally have pet proof screens. Whatever your reason is for not having screens in your home, we are sure to have screens that will fit your needs.

Upgrade Screens

Do you need your screens to do more for you? If you answered “yes,” then it may be time to look into available specialty screens. Specialty screens include:

Specialty screens can be an affordable way to make your home more energy efficient, to decrease the effects of allergies, increase your home’s security, or see your view with more clarity. We retail high-quality specialty screens that are affordable and easy-to-install.

Screened-In Porch

Love spending time on the porch, but hate the bugs? It could be time to screen-in your porch. We offer multiple ways to both permanently and temporarily screen-in your patio. We offer:

These screening systems make screening in your home easy. We provide all the materials (like screen rolls) you need to create your own panels for installing screens, as well as offer screening systems with pre-made panels.

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Do your feline friends love to roam free outside, but you’re afraid they’ll wander too far? Build a catio! What is a catio? It is a “cat patio” or a screened-in area made just for your cat. Catios can be just big enough for your cat to lay in and bask in the sun, big enough for them to play in, or even the size of a small screened-in porch dedicated just for your cat. A catio can allow your cat to get some fresh air and sunshine while staying close to home and being protected from bugs and other pests and from running away.

Add Retractable Screens

Retractable screens provide a means to have screen coverage only when you want it as they can retract out of the way. These screens can fit within your windows, doorways, porch areas, and even in the entrance of your garage door. Retractable screens allow you to enjoy free air without having to deal with insect pests. Enjoy working on your car or your porch area more fully with retractable screens.

Visit Metro Screenworks website to get more ideas for upgrading your home with screen products made to easily enhance your life.