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Stainless Steel Security Screen

Stainless Steel Security Screen Mesh 

Vandal Resistant and Insect Screen

Our rolls of stainless steel security screen mesh are much stronger than standard screen and are designed to keep out not only insects, but unwanted intruders too. Security screen can be installed to protect windows or doors for both residential and commercial applications. Security screen mesh can also protect your windows from golf balls, rocks, and other flying objects. Stainless steel security screen is vandal resistant, and also keeps out the insects. Stainless steel mesh is built to withstand the toughest, and most destructive situations - which is why it is often referred to as "security screen" mesh.

General Specs for Stainless Steel Mesh

Stainless Steel Security Screen specifications are .023 Wire Diameter and 12 x 12 Mesh Count. We also have available by phone order 100 ft rolls in 60", 48" and 36" widths in mill and black finish, and a heavier .028 diameter wire in the 12 x 12 mesh stainless steel security screen.


This security screen is not designed to be "rolled into standard aluminum screen frame. Ask about our ready made security screens to replace your existing window screens. We have special framing for installation into an aluminum screen frame.

Stainless Steel Screen Mesh Applications

Used on Government Housing Agencies across the country, stainless steel mesh is built to withstand the toughest, and most destructive situations. Eliminate broken glass from rock throwers and no more constant re-screening of insect screen that has been torn. 


●      Pet safety — keep pets from escaping 

●      Meets The Department of Veteran Affairs building standards

●      Window safety for children when installed correctly

●      A means to break-proof windows against golf balls

●      Used by government housing agencies

●      Reduces and possibly eliminates screen maintenance in dorms and multi-family residence

Benefits of Stainless Steel Security Mesh

Our rolls of stainless steel security mesh can be used for a variety of purposes and includes a plethora of benefits including but not limited to the following: 


●      Enhances window security

●      Can not be cut, punctured, or dented

●      Can replace unsightly security bars

●      Withstands high-impact from rocks, bottles, and golf balls

●      Exceeds American Disability Act standards

●      Pet- and animal-resistant

●      Continuous lip design for easy installation

●      Provides good visibility (black mesh color)

Stainless Steel Security Mesh Resources

What to know more about our stainless steel security screen mesh? Check out the following resources or give our screen experts at Metro a call: 


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