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    Solar Screens For Windows

    Our pre-framed solar window screens are made to your window screen specifications allowing you to get a replacement screen that fits exactly to-size - and shipped directly to you read-to-install. This makes our solar window screens the...

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Solar Screens For Windows: Energy-Efficiency + Comfort 

Pre-Assembled Screens: Delivered Ready-To-Install

Solar screen for windows makes it easy to enjoy the full benefits that solar screen material can provide your home. Our custom solar screens can be made to fit any window — even unconventional window shapes — and are shipped to you fully assembled and ready to place in your window. Choose from multiple window mesh types, frame colors, hardware options, and more. Have questions? Call one of our solar screen experts! 

Solar Screen Benefits 

•Available in 65%-95% sun protection
•Offers day-time privacy (At night, with your lights on, people will see inside)
•Can increase energy efficiency of home
•Reduces glare
•Can create a barrier during colder months (increasing energy-efficiency)
•Provides excellent visibility
•Mildew- and fade-resistant
•Pet- and flame-resistant
•10 year warranty

Complete Window Screens: Affordability & Convenience

Our ready-to-install window screens make enjoying the benefits of solar screen material easy. At Metro Screenworks, we take great pride in offering our customers convenience, quality, and affordability delivered right to their door. We fabricate each screen at our Highlands Ranch, Colorado warehouse, and ship anywhere. Order custom solar screens today and see the difference. 

Solar Screen for Windows FAQs

Do Window Screens Help With Heat?

Yes. Solar screens for windows can not only help to reduce the amount of heat caused by the sun’s UV rays, but they can also help with energy loss. According to this article, 30% of a home’s energy is lost through its windows. The amount of heat blocked by a solar screen depends on the percentage of protection. We offer 65%-95% solar protection.dget to input text into the page.

Do Solar Screens Make Your House Dark?

No. Even 90% solar screen windows will allow quite a bit of light into your home. The light will be softer as a result of it passing through the screen, but it will not make your house dark. With solar screen, you will experience ample light while enjoying a reduction of glare and heat. 


Are Solar Screens Bad For Plants?

No. Because light isn’t restricted due to solar screens, indoor plants should still receive adequate sunlight. However, the amount of heat within your home will likely decrease.