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Cut-To-Size Replacement Sliding Screen Doors

Screen doors are one of the best ways to enjoy fresh, pest-free air. We offer your choice of frame color, screen mesh, and track type, so you are guaranteed to have the perfect sliding screen door for your home. With high-visibility, anti-allergen, and other specialty meshes available, let your sliding screen door be your home’s next upgrade.

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Need Help Measuring for Your Sliding Screen Door?
Not all sliding patio screen doors are created equal. Metro Screenworks offers the best sliding screen doors made with the highest screen mesh material available.  We offer four levels of sliding screen doors from economy to extra heavy duty.  Order our sliding screen doors fully assembled, ready-to-install, or Un-Assembled cut to size you provide with all the necessary screen door parts and screen material so you can install your sliding screen door properly and save money. When you order your sliding screen door from Metro Screenworks, you choose the screen material for your sliding screen door. Order your sliding screen door online or by phone today!  Contact us!  

Choosing a Screen Door
We all love having options, and that is just what Metro Screenworks does. We provide alternatives to generic sliding screen doors that you find at local home improvement stores. We not only provide a selection of multiple frame colors, but we also offer screen material alternatives that can fit your needs. However, more choices are often accompanied with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Before you start to feel frustrated with all the options that are available, think about these questions:

What do you need your sliding screen door to do for you?
The first question that you must consider is what you need your sliding screen door to do for you, other than let the fresh air in and keep the bugs out. We at Metro Screenworks pride ourselves in offering sliding screen doors that can provide so much more functionality than just your standard sliding screen door. Need more energy efficiency? Solar screen can help with that. Need a screen that is aesthetically pleasing for your newly renovated home? Copper screen is a great choice! Tired of your screen door being in shreds? Pet screen will meet your needs. When you shop Metro Screenworks’ online screen store, you can expect solutions to the problems and hurdles you face with your current sliding screen door. We offer a variety of screen material options, including:

Are you looking for a sliding screen door that is aesthetically pleasing or highly functional?
The next question to consider when looking for a new sliding screen door is whether you need one that is primarily highly functional, or one that is also aesthetically pleasing and provides your home curb appeal. Some screen mesh, such as copper screen, offers functionality while weathering to a bronze color that looks perfect with your older renovated home. Solar screen, on the other hand, can darken your screen door, making it a little more noticeable to the average eye than other screen doors.

Do you have a budget and how many screens do you need?
Though budget is a necessary evil and can feel like a hurdle in buying the sliding screen door that you want for you residence, when you shop at Metro Screenworks, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality screen door at a competitive price.

Why Is A Sliding Screen Door Important?
It’s easy to be hesitant about installing a sliding screen door, especially when it is one of the many costs that you will have during your renovation. However, there is a reason why we have screen doors. Screens keep bugs out of our homes; flies buzzing around our heads may be annoying, but pests such as flies and mosquitoes can carry diseases and greatly harm our health. With the use of screens growing in popularity during the 19th century, the spread of communicable diseases decreased. Additionally, screens act as a barrier to other curious pests such as squirrels, mice, and birds.Also, opening our doors to get fresh air is incredibly important. Not only can fresh air positively affect our mood, but it can affect our physical and mental health as well.If you are considering buying a sliding a screen door, but are unsure what to buy or have other questions, contact us! We at Metro Screenworks would love to help you find that perfect sliding screen door that does all that you need it to.
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