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Solar Insect Screen - Rolls

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Solar Insect Screen Provides Protection From the Sun & Insects

  • Find relief from insects, other pests, and the sun

  • Reduce sun damage to your home’s interiors including furniture, wood floors, and more

  • Decrease energy consumption by lowering the heat in your home with solar screens

Though being outdoors or opening your windows for fresh air is delightful, there can often be a lot to contend with from insects and the heat of the sun. Sun-blocking window screen offers you protection from both. Not only can it keep insects out of your home and anywhere else you choose to install this screening material, but it can also reduce the temperature of your home as well as the wear-and-tear that the sun can cause our home’s interiors. Constant exposure to the sun can cause fading, cracking, discoloration, warping, and other deterioration to furniture, hardwood flooring, curtains, artwork, and more. What’s more, installing a solar insect screen can also reduce your energy bills during the hot summer months. Install solar screens in your home, patio, pool, gazebo, and other outdoor areas.  


  • Mesh: 20x30 

  • Diameter: .013”

  • 65% solar protection

  • Available in rolls up to 100’

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