DIY Your Home’s Screen Porch Enclosure

Nov 4th 2020

DIY Your Home’s Screen Porch Enclosure

DIY Your Home’s Screen Porch Enclosure

When you DIY home improvement projects or maintenance it is easy to compare the end result and process to that of the professionals: you think about all the time, money, and frustration you might save if you just let someone else do the job. For projects such as re-roofing your home or repairing your electrical system, it is best to leave this up to the pros. However, projects such as screening in your porch, patio, or pool are easier than you may think, especially when you use a screen porch enclosure system designed for DIY-ers.

What is a Screening System?

A screen porch enclosure system is a system created to make screening in your porch, patio, pool or other structures easy. Though many people DIY their own porch enclosure panels, it can be difficult for the person who has never stretched the screen over a frame or someone new to home maintenance. Getting the screen tight on the frame can be very difficult, even for the experienced DIY-er.

Screening systems on the other hand, offer an easy way to create screen enclosures and to maintain them. At Metro Screenworks, we offer a few systems for screening-in your porch, and we will highlight two of our top sellers here.

Screen Tight Porch Screening System

Screen Tight is a porch screen system that makes installing a screen-in porch enclosure extremely easy. Each screen section consists of a base with a spline channel and a cap helps to provide a nice finish when the product is installed. To begin installing this product, you first secure the side with the rolled screen to the top of the frame then secure the base with screws to the bottom of the frame. Next, unroll the screen to the spline channel in the base, install the spline, and trim the excess screen. Once that is complete, you can place the cap for a beautiful, finished look.

This screening system saves time by eliminating the need to stretch the screen mesh over a frame and staple it into place. Also, replacing a damaged screen in your Screen Tight system is easy: simply replace the screen, unroll it, and snap it back into place.

Screen Tight also offers a variety of screening material options that are ideal for screen enclosures: super screen, tiny mesh, pet screen and more. The frame of the Screen Tight system is also available in a variety of colors so you can enjoy convenience, customization, and a beautiful finish.

SCREENEZE® Screening System

As the name suggests, SCREENEZE makes screening in an enclosure a cinch. Like the Screen Tight system, this system eliminates the need to stretch the screen over a wood frame, and allows screening in your porch to be accomplished several times faster than traditional screening. SCREENEZE is a fixed screen system that is secured by simply snapping the pieces together: snap a cap over the screen mesh and base of the screen system to secure the mesh tightly in the frame of your porch. Though the means of installation is simple, the finished product is several times stronger than most other screen enclosure systems.

SCREENEZE has a low profile keeping the screen frame from impeding your view, can cover openings up to 150 square feet, and offers a 10-year limited warranty. What’s more, SCREENEZE comes in several colors allowing you to create a beautiful and functional enclosure.

Other Screening Systems

At Metro Screenworks, we are all about offering you options and for this reason, in addition to these best selling screening systems. We also offer porch screen panels custom made to your specifications, Meshguard screening system, vinyl screen wall system, as well as retractable screens. Learn more about these systems on our website.

Ready to Get Started?

Shop Metro Screenworks online store for porch enclosure systems you can DIY as well as a variety of other screening products that can help you get the most out of your screens. If you are unsure which system to buy, don’t hesitate to reach out. We offer a chat system on our website as well as multiple other ways to contact us. We have been in the business for 40 years and love helping our customers find exactly what they need. Visit our website