Porch Screen Panels With Super Screen

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Custom Made To Size, Allow 7 to 12 Days Till Shipped
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Product Overview

Super screen porch panels are designed to provide ultimate durability. We use ½ inch thick extruded aluminum frames that can withstand the wear-and-tear of porch enclosure use. We then install super screen within the frames. Super screen is vinyl-coated polyester that is intended to be hail- and weather-resistant and withstand pet-claws as well as sun-exposure. Together these materials offer you a long-term porch panel solution for your enclosure. 

These screen panels can remain up year-round or be removed as needed for cleaning or change of season. Please allow 7 to 10 days to manufacture.


  • Durable design & quality materials
  • ½ inch thick aluminum frame for increased durability
  • Can be permanently installed with screws, or temporarily installed in the jamb between stops or with casement clips
  • Multiple frame colors - black, white, almond, beige, bronze, mill (silver), and others
  • Made-to-size
  • Manufactured in our Denver-based warehouse
  • Can remain up year-round or be removed for cleaning or season change

Super Screen 

  • 10-year warranty
  • Enhanced durability
  • Pet- and hail-resistant
  • Does not break-down from sun exposure 
  • Vinyl-coated polyester mesh
  • Available as tiny mesh

We also offer unassembled porch panel kits. For contractors and larger projects, request a bid.

Suggested Tools For Installation

  • Power drill (for fixed installation)


Learn more about our porch screen panels below or contact our live screen experts at Metro Screenworks. We love to help our customers by answering their questions and helping them find the right products for them. You can also visit our showroom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. 

What Is the Most Durable Screen For a Porch?

Super screen. Super screen is a vinyl-coated, polyester mesh designed to provide enhanced durability against hail and other destructive weather, pet claws and teeth, as well as withstand the wear that the sun puts on screens. Super screen comes with a 10-year warranty. 

What is Super Screen?

Super screen is a type of mesh made of vinyl-coated polyester designed to provide more durability than fiberglass screen and other screen types. Super screen can be installed in porch panels as well as screen doors and anywhere in your home or outdoor enclosures that may be subjected to more wear-and-tear.

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