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Adjustable Screens

Custom Screens that Work For You
If you have windows without screens, but you still want a breeze, adjustable custom screens are the perfect solution. These custom screens can be installed in seconds and taken out just as quickly. Open your window, pop in the adjustable custom screen, fit it to the opening, and enjoy! You do not have to pay for permanent screen installation, but you still get all the benefits, which can be an amazing option when you want summer breezes and solid seals against the winter cold.
We sell adjustable window screens in a variety of widths and heights, so we can accommodate your window, no matter its size. Our custom screens can be securely installed in double-hung windows of metal, wood, or vinyl. They arrive completely assembled and ready to install, and they collapse into easily-stored panels when you are finished.
Metro Screenworks is proud to be an international custom screen store who only sells custom screens with the highest quality window screen material and parts. We ship around the world, and our American-made high-quality custom screen products are improving homes everywhere. It is important that you buy your adjustable screens from us, because we put just as much emphasis on opening up your home to the air as keeping it secure. The excellent materials we use and our careful attention to construction means you will get an adjustable screen that gives you peace of mind.
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