Metro Screenworks Adjustable Window Screens

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Product Overview

Metro Screenworks is proud to present the new and improved Adjustable Window Screen! These come fully assembled and can be used anywhere in your home- simply place it in the window opening and adjust the width.  

Choose from our four standard adjustable screen sizes above!

Updated Features: 

  • Fur strip for sealing
  • Smoother finish for easier gliding


  • Provides temporary insect protection
  • For single or double hung, or sliding windows
  • Use vertically or horizontally
  • Allows vintage architecture to be undisturbed 
  • Glides smoothly – doesn’t jam
  • Available with white or silver frame
  • Comes assembled, ready-to-use
  • Custom options available

Pro Tip: A screw can be installed by the screen owner through both panels to permanently keep the screen a particular size. 


Learn more about adjustable window screens, also called temporary window screens, below. If you have additional questions, you can contact us. You can also check our products before you buy when you visit our showroom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado – we ship nationally! 

How Do I Make a Temporary Window Screen?

Why make when you can buy affordably? We offer temporary window screens, also called adjustable window screens, that can provide insect protection when you don’t have a window screen. Some people use these types of window screens as permanent solutions for their windows. 

What Do You Do If You Don't Have a Screen?

You can buy a replacement or use an adjustable screen. Depending on your situation, an adjustable screen, also called an expandable screen and temporary window screen, can provide you the means of insect protection when you wish to open your windows for fresh air. The benefits of an adjustable screen is that it is affordable, doesn’t affect the architecture of your home, and it’s easy-to-install. What’s more, if you are renting, you can take it with you when you move out. 

If you need a replacement window screen, we also offer those, too!

How To Install Adjustable Window Screen?

Place the screen in the window and adjust. Specifically, we suggest opening the window, placing the screen in the window, extending it to the size needed, and then adjusting the window opening for a snug fit.

How Do Adjustable Window Screens Work?

They expand and glide to the appropriate size. Adjustable screens are temporarily placed within an open window without a screen to provide insect protection while the window is open. The screen can be extended to fit the window both horizontally (for single or double hung windows) or vertically for (sliding windows).

How Do You Install Window Screens in an Apartment Window?

Use adjustable screens! If you are a renter, an adjustable window screen is an alternative to buying and installing a window screen that you may leave behind when you move or won’t fit in the windows of your new place. This type of screen is placed in your window when you wish to open it and does not require creating holes or any other installation.

How Do Expandable Window Screens Work?

They extend to fit the window opening, and the window frame holds them in place. Our adjustable window screens extend without jamming to fill the entire width of single or double hung windows or the height of sliding windows. Once the screen is expanded and in the window, adjust the window to gently sit on top of or against the screen.

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