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Oct 15th 2018

Why Window Screens Are One of the Greatest Inventions

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Why Window Screens Are One of the Greatest Inventions

The ingenuity of the human mind and consciousness cannot be denied. From such simple but revolutionary inventions such as the wheel to those like the space shuttle that broke boundaries, humankind’s inventions have changed our lives forever. Strangely enough, the window screen is one such invention that did change life as we know it. Not only did our comfort improve, as well as our health, but also it significantly impacts our wallets as well. Today on the Metro Screenworks blog, we are going to explore seven reasons why the window screen is revolutionary and worthy of admiration.

7 Reasons Why the Window Screen is Revolutionary

The window screen is something that most of us in modern society are familiar with. We see it in our homes and businesses and rarely give it a second thought. However, this simple “contraption” that we take for granted does contribute significantly to the quality of our lives.

Promotes Better Health

Window screens were invented originally to keep bugs out. Before window screens became commonplace, it was normal for bugs to fly in and out of homes, trample on food in the pantries, and bite the home’s occupants while they slept. In many cases, this contact, whether direct or secondary, caused the infection of many potentially fatal diseases. Because installing screens essentially sealed the entire home, no longer were bugs allowed to enter homes without being invited in.

Keeps The Pests Out

As we mentioned, window screens keep eight-, six-, and even four- and two-legged pests out of our homes and out of our lives. Without our window screens, outdoor pests could come and go as they please, fly around our faces, eat out of our trash cans, and bite us in our sleep. Instead of having to spend time chasing the bugs and raccoons out or suffer in a stuffy house, we get to enjoy fresh air and pest-free living.

Can Be Easily Customized

Window screens can be easily customized, allowing our screens to adapt to our lifestyles. Not only can the size of the window screens be adjusted to fit our windows, but we also have a multitude of screen types to choose from. Keep out the smallest of pests with no-see-um screen. Better enjoy your view with invisible screen, and install screen that can keep up with the destructive habits of our pets with pet screen. Have allergies? Install filtration screen!

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Are a Theft Deterrent

Our window screens also act as a theft deterrent. Even though some types of window screens can easily be cut, window screening material such as stainless steel screen, pet screen, copper screen, security screen, and super screen are made to be tough and withstand immense wear and tear. With the right window screens, you can keep anyone out that shouldn’t be in your home.

You Save Money

Window screens will save you money by not only keeping you and your family free of disease (which costs money to treat) but also through the energy efficiency benefits window screens provide. Screens allow you to open your windows and receive fresh air and, as a result, run your air conditioner less. Screens can even act as a barrier, keeping temperature-controlled air in and and outside air where it belongs.

Protects Your Pets

Screens protect the furbabies of the family as well. Not only does it protect them from bugs and illnesses that exposure can cause, but it also keeps them inside your home; window screens help your pets to avoid accidents such as falling out of windows. If you love your furbabies and you don’t have screens, we highly suggest you install them as soon as possible.

Protect Your Windows

Depending on where you live, extreme weather such as high winds, torrential storms, hail, and other elements can easily damage and break our home’s windows. Screens act as barriers keeping those items that may be flying through the air away from your windows.

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