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  • Screen Block PVC Base Screen Block PVC Base

    Screen Block PVC Base

    The Screen Block base includes 3 retainer strips — one to hold screen, one to hold plastic film and one to cover/hide the fasteners. The 1.5 inch base mounts to existing porch framing using 2-inch screws (sold separately) spaced approximately 10...

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  • Screen Block Screws

    Screen Block Screws

    Use Screen block screws for the installation of Screen Block. Use 2 inch screws every 10 inches or so apart to secure it on the top and bottom.   The Screen Block base includes 3 retainer strips — one to hold screen, one to hold plastic...

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Transform Your Porch into a Year-Round Living Space with Screen Block!
Winterize and Extend the Use of Porch for 3+ Seasons
If you’re looking for a simple way to enclose your screen porch when it gets cold outside, Screen Block is an ideal solution. This screening and enclosure system features two separate channels — one to hold your screen, the other to hold a unique vinyl film thats keep the cold air out during the winter months.

Two Systems In One
The best of both worlds — a screen porch that easily converts into an enclosed living area without having to remove your screens. Screen Block is the easiest way to enjoy your porch for 3+ seasons.
Simple Winterization
When it gets cold outside, simply install Winterview clear PVC film to enclose your Screen Block porch. You don’t even have to remove your screen!
Hidden Fasteners for a Clean Look
Screen Block’s retainer strips hold screen and Winterview plastic film in place and an additional trim piece hides all fasteners in the middle of the track, resulting in a sleek, seamless appearance.

Tools & Supplies Needed:
How To Install:
Measure & Plan
To install Screen Block, you’ll need an existing porch frame in good condition. Begin by measuring the horizontal dimension of each opening you’re planning to screen.
Cut & Install Base
Cut a piece of the screen block PVC base to the proper length with a chop saw. There is no need to miter the corners. Just keep the base the same distance in from the edge so that all sides will line up properly. Use 2 inch screws every 10 inches or so apart to secure it on the top and bottom.
Install Screens & Plastic Film
Using the retainer strips, install your screen and plastic film. There are three strips — one is used for holding the screen, another for the Winterview plastic film and one to cover the screws. Use the retainer strip to hold the screen in place, tapping it back into the channel with a rubber mallet. Work across the top, sides and bottom, the screen will tighten as you go. Trim off any excess screen with a utility knife. Then repeat the process for the plastic film.
Screen Block can be installed along side any existing screening, such as original Screen Tight.If you are looking for a simple screening system to convert your porch into a year-round living space, consider Screen Block. Here is a video to learn more about installing Screen Block with an existing screen porch:

Frequently Asked Questions:
Can I take down and re-install the vinyl film?
•Although you can technically take down and re-install the clear vinyl Winterview film, we recommend purchasing new film since it's often trimmed very close to the retainer strip. It is difficult to re-stretch the film if it's not at least 6 inches wider than the opening.
Is Screen Block Available in Lengths Longer than 8 Feet?
•Yes, Screen Block is also available in 25 foot lengths
How Wide of an Area Can I Enclose?
•The Winterview vinyl film is available in 52” x 8 foot and 52" x 25 foot rolls. Allow at least an inch overlap on each side. 
 Is Screen Block the Only System That Can Use the Winterview Film?
•No, the Fast Track screening system features dual channels that also allows you to enclose your porch without removing your screens.
Does Screen Block Use Spline?
•No, it uses unique retainer strips to hold the screening and Winterview film in place.
How Do You Clean Screen Block's Winterview Film?
•You can get rid of rain spots and other residue on Screen Block's Winterview film by wiping it with a mild, soapy water and rinsing it with a hose.