Security Screens: How They Can Benefit Your Home

Oct 14th 2020

Security Screens: How They Can Benefit Your Home

Security Screens: How They Can Benefit Your Home

Living in a home that borders a golf course is desirable for many people and a dream come true for many golfers. However, a dream home can soon feel more like a warzone when stray golf balls hit your home, tear through your window screens, and break your windows. The thought of all the maintenance and even the danger it could put your family in may, after some consideration, make this dream situation seem lackluster. Thankfully, there is a solution for keeping your windows and window screens intact and protecting your home.

If you do a quick search on the internet, you can find several options for protecting your home from stray golf balls. Suggestions you can find include window film that can be applied to your windows, netting that can hem the perimeter of your property, as well as awning and shutters that you can install on your windows. These means may provide some protection, but we at Metro Screenworks have a solution that could be far superior: security screens.

What Are Security Screens?

Security screens are made up of screen mesh that is several times stronger than traditional screen and fixed in a screen frame that also provides exceptional strength. Security screens can withstand exceptional force and are impenetrable by many sharp objects, projectiles like golf balls, and can even withstand a small child’s or pet's weight — keeping children and pets from falling out windows.

Security screens are made of stainless steel wire mesh, and an aluminum steel frame, and are designed to withstand 100 pounds of static force. Traditional screens are secured within the frame with rubber spline while security screens are firmly clamped within the frame that have TIG-welded mitered joints. Security screens can be used in window screens and screen doors.

Benefits of Security Screen

Like many of our window screen solutions, security screens offer several benefits for the home or business owner who chooses to install them in their property.

Shield Screens & Window From Golf Balls

First and foremost, security screens can protect your home from stray golf balls that would otherwise tear through your screens and smash into your windows. We would suggest installing this window screen mesh in all screens facing the golf course. They can also be handy against baseballs and other projectiles that might come as a result of neighborhood children playing.

Keep Wildlife Out of Your Home

Raccoons, squirrels, rabbits and other wildlife with the help of their paws, claws, and teeth sometimes have a tendency to get into spaces in our homes where they do not belong. Security screens can act as formidable barriers withstanding nibbling and clawing. With security screens, you can keep uninvited wildlife neighbors outside where they belong.

Defend Home Against Vandals

What sets apart a home that isn’t targeted by vandals and one that is, is opportunity. Homes that are visible and show that they may be easy to break into are often fresh for the picking for neighborhood burglars. Thankfully, with security screens you don’t have to worry about break ins. The mesh within these screens is engineered to withstand knives and other tools used to puncture screens, and the frame is also created to withstand significant force. With security screens, you can enjoy a breeze without worrying about who might try to break in.

Help Preserve Windows Against Hail

The biggest hailstone recorded fell in South Dakota in 2017, and it was the size of a volleyball! Thankfully, most of us don’t have to worry about hail that large falling on our homes. However, when torrential storms come, you can rely on security screens to not only stay intact against large hailstones, but to also protect your windows. Though your home’s roof and other elements may sustain other damage, you can rest assured that your screens can weather the storm.

Protect Small Children Near Windows

Small children and pets often don’t understand the gravity of playing on the window sill. And, why would they? It seems like a warm spot, filled with fresh air, and they are protected by the window screen, right? Unfortunately, most screens can not withstand the stress of being leaned against and can send screens and whoever is in the window tumbling out and onto the ground. Security screens, if installed correctly, may help to protect your children and your fur children; security screens are engineered to withstand 100 pounds of static force with proper installation. Though it is still a good idea to teach your children and pets about safety, security screens may be able to provide you peace of mind that your family is safe.

Learn more, and shop security screens on the Metro Screenworks website! Metro Screenworks is your one-stop-shop for all of your window screen and sliding screen door needs.