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Feb 1st 2018

Retractable Window Screens: Your Next Favorite Home Improvement

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Retractable Window Screens: Your Next Favorite Home Improvement

Imagining a world without window screens and screen doors, doesn’t feel possible. They have always been a part of modern American life for those of us alive today. 

Our screens are so common place that it is easy to forget that they are even there or sometimes see them. The only time that we notice that they are there is often when we are missing a screen, our screens are ripped, or our screens are obstructing our million-dollar view. We also may remember how much we are thankful for our screens when we wish we had coverage and protection from insect pests in areas that aren’t traditionally screened such as our open garages and porches. If you want screening options, there is a solution: a retractable screen.

Retractable Screens: The Solution You Didn’t Know You Had

Retractable window screens are exactly what they sound like; they are screens that you can pull down for however long you want them and then roll them back up again when you no longer need or want the protection your screens provide. Choosing retractable window screens versus traditional window screen styles is really all about preference. However, here are some instances when retractable screens are the optimal choice for your screening needs:

  • When you want to enjoy your million-dollar view with crystal-clear clarity without the obstruction of a screen.
  • You want to roll your screen up and out of the way to protect them from weather and other elements that often and easily damage them, such as severe winter storms.
  • You would like solar coverage or other benefits that may reduce your visibility if your screen was traditionally installed.

Retractable screens are becoming a popular option for homeowners, business owners, and contractors who want options that fit their or their customer’s lifestyle.

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Genius Retractable Screens: European-Engineered & American-Made

One of the things that we at Metro Screenworks pride ourselves on is offering quality and custom screening products. For this reason, we decided to highlight Genius retractable screens on our blog post. Genius has had an over 40 year legacy of offering those around the world retractable screening options that not only look good, but are entirely functional. They offer retractable window screens, retractable screen doors, retractable screen doors for French doors, as well as retractable screens for large openings that are available in sizes, colors, and styles that will fit your needs.

To learn more about Genius and the retractable screens they offer, shop Metro Screenworks online screen store or feel free to contact us to learn more about Genius retractable screens and other revolutionary products that can help you create your dream home.