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    Genius® retractable window screens are custom-made and are available to fit practically every type and size of window — including single and double hung as well as slider windows. When not in use, the retractable window screens roll-up like a...

Retractable Screens for Windows: Insect Protection on Demand

Whether you need easy access to the other side of your window, or just want a seamless screening solution, look no further than retractable window screens. These screens are custom made to-size and are able to be fitted to practically any type or size of window. They fold into themselves when not in-use, making them a seamless solution for any insect protection needs. 

Retractable Window Screen Specs

• Fitted with 42mm screen cassette
• Suitable for widths up to 76”
• Suitable for heights up to 90”
• Available with 3 mesh options: Standard Fiberglass, BetterVue, and TuffScreen 
• Available in 6 frame colors: White, Almond, Desert Tan, Brownstone, Black, and Mill

Benefits of Retractable Window Screens

Versatile Screening Solution

Genius retractable window screens are designed to fit most types of windows, making them perfect for tricky configurations. Don’t want your screen up? No problem, simply retract the screen until you’re ready to use it again. 
Fully Customized

Each retractable window screen is made-to-order using your exact measurements. Plus, with your choice of screen mesh and frame color, your retractable window screen can be as unique as your home is. 
Built to Last

Their unique design allows maximum protection for the screen when not in use. By cutting down on exposure to the elements, your retractable screens can last significantly longer than traditional window screens. 

Retractable Window Screen Applications

Screens for Casement Windows

Casement windows are famously challenging to fit with window screens, as they open outward. Retractable window screens are the perfect solution so you can enjoy your casement windows without having to worry about pests.
Screens for Irregular Windows

There are many situations in which a standard window screen is just not practical. Concession stands, food trucks, drive-thrus and more can all benefit from the on-demand insect protection that retractable window screens offer. 

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