Genius® - Single Retractable Screen Doors

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    Sheer Classic Single Panel Retractable Screen



    The Genius® Sheer Classic Retractable Screen is an elegant screening solution for many types of openings. Use a single panel for small openings, or up to 6 panels for larger ones (up to 40 feet wide and 125 inches tall). If you’re looking...

Retractable Screens for Single Doors

Whether it’s a door to your front yard, your patio, or your balcony, it can be tricky to screen a single-door entryway. Sliding doors require long tracks that are not well suited for all openings, and hinged screen doors can be noisy as they slam shut. The solution? Retractable screen doors for single openings! 

Retractable screens fold into themselves when opened, which eliminates the need for a sliding track or complicated construction through your wall. They are easy to install, easy to operate, and are custom-made to fit your opening! 


Single Retractable Screen Door Specs

• Designed to fit openings up to 60” Wide and 100” Tall
• Cast metal adjustable handles 
• Full-length magnetic seal
• Patented speed-reducer for a controlled retraction
• Available to be fitted with 5 different screen meshes:
     • Standard Fiberglass
     • BetterVue High-Visibility Screen
     • 17x20 Super Screen
     • Heavy-Duty Pet Screen
     • Tuffscreen No-see-um screen with solar protection
• Available in 6 frame colors:
     • White
     • Almond
     • Desert Tan
     • Brownstone
     • Black
     • Mill

Benefits of Single Retractable Screen Doors

Space efficient

Retractable screens are only as large as your door, and they retract out of sight when not in use. 

With 6 frame colors and 5 screen meshes to choose from, you can be sure your retractable screen door fits your home’s needs and aesthetic perfectly. 
Excellent insect protection

Not only does the screen mesh itself prevent insects from entering your home, but the door is fitted with bug flaps to seal the door against bug invasions. 

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