Stock-Size Retractable Screens

Genius® COOL Retractable Screen Doors– More Gliding, Less Slamming

COOL Genius® Retractable Screen Doors offer a fresh approach to traditional sliding screen doors. These innovative retractable screen doors provide the ultimate convenience, giving you the freedom to enjoy a screen when you need it and a clear view of the great outdoors when you don't.


With their quick installation, durable construction, and smooth gliding operation, COOL Genius® Retractable Screen Doors are the perfect connection between indoor and outdoor living.


COOL Retractable Screen Specs

• Adjusts to fit door widths of 32" to 36" without cutting metal
• Installs on all sill types - flush, short, and long
• Adjusts easily to a left or right-hand application
• Spring tension is 40% less than other screens
• Mechanical latch and lock
• Screen retracts all the way without assistance

Benefits of COOL Genius Retractable Screens

More Gliding. Less Slamming
Say goodbye to the banging and slamming hassles of traditional hinged screen doors. COOL Genius® Retractable Screen Doors feature EZ-Glide technology and an ergonomic design, ensuring smooth gliding without any noise.

Easy Installation
Installing COOL Genius® Retractable Screen Doors is quick and hassle-free. The quick-snap tracks fit most standard double or French doors, eliminating the need for metal cutting. With only five components to assemble, you can have your screen door ready in just 30 minutes. A power screwdriver is the only tool required.

Durable and Long-lasting
Genius® Screens are built to last. The powder-coated aluminum housings and tracks provide strength and durability. The screen mesh is made of durable fiberglass and includes UV inhibitors to resist fading and damage from the sun. With a limited lifetime warranty, you can have peace of mind knowing your screen door is designed to withstand the test of time.

Convenient Design
Genius® COOL Screen Doors are designed with convenience in mind. The screen retracts fully without assistance, allowing for unobstructed views when not in use. The easy one-handed operation and ergonomically designed latch/lock handle make using the screen door effortless.

Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Connection
Enjoy the perfect connection between indoor and outdoor living with COOL Genius® Retractable Screen Doors. When deployed, the durable fiberglass screen mesh protects your living space from the elements while allowing fresh air to circulate. When not in use, the screen slides away into a protective housing, providing an unobstructed view of the outdoors.


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COOL Genius® Retractable Screen Applications

COOL Genius® Retractable Screen Doors are versatile and can be installed on various door types, including:

• Front doors
• Patio doors
• French doors

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