How to Pick the Best Window Screens & Screen Doors

Dec 16th 2020

How to Pick the Best Window Screens & Screen Doors

How to Pick the Best Window Screens & Screen Doors

Welcome back to the Metro Screenworks blog! Today, we are going to discuss how to pick out the best window screens and screen doors. If it is your first time replacing or installing new window screens and screen doors, it may be news to you to discover that not all screens are created equally and that there are different types of screen mesh that can make a significant difference in how well your screens serve you. One of the best ways to guarantee that you are receiving high-quality screens is to shop with a retailer you can trust.

Why Choose to Shop With Us?

Metro Screenworks has been the top-rated window screen and screen door supplier for over 40 years. Though based in Denver, we ship all over the country and have products for a variety of climates. With decades of experience and our constant pursuit of excellence, we do our best to continue to serve our customers with the highest quality products, affordable prices, and the best customer experience possible.

High-End Products & Custom Sizes

Metro Screenworks isn’t just another home improvement store with an online store. We offer the best the industry has to offer for many types of screens, and even offer custom sizes. When you shop with us you can truly get a window screen or screen door that can serve you whether you are looking for a specialty mesh material or a custom size. If you can dream it, most likely we deliver it! We offer pre-assembled screens, as well as kits,screening tools, and materials.

What is High-End Screen Products?

A high-end screen product will be made with higher quality materials, thicker screen, and will truly deliver on it’s promise of custom sizing and functionality.

How Custom Is “Custom”?

When we say that we offer custom screen doors and custom window screens, we really do mean custom. We offer made-to-order sizes of screens and doors and can accommodate a wide range of needs. Additionally, we offer our screen frames in several colors depending on the product and can provide you the right hardware for your custom screen.

Exceptional Customer Service

Metro Screenworks also offers an exceptional level of customer service. We not only do our best to offer information and resources on our site to help you learn more about screens, but we are also available via our contact form, email, phone, and live chat. We understand that sometimes you have to talk to the experts in order to find the screen that will serve your needs and before you decide to invest in it. We are always pleased to help our customers even with installation and measuring questions. Contact us today with any of your questions. We have a showroom coming soon!

Payment Options

We understand that options can be helpful when it comes to making home improvements financially viable. We offer payment plan options with Affirm. Learn more when you shop on our website!