Screen Doors: What You Need to Know

Jul 1st 2020

Screen Doors: What You Need to Know

Screen Doors: What You Need to Know

Metro Screenworks doesn’t just sell window screens and screen doors; we specialize in providing solutions. We offer a variety of screen products that can do more for you. Traditional screens provide us many benefits and may be one of the main factors for the decline in diseases spread by flies and other pests that window screens and screen doors keep out of our homes and businesses. But that is just the beginning for what screens can do to make your life better.

Today on the Metro Screenworks blog, we are going to cover one of the ways that we can help you get the most out of the screens for your home. Stick around to learn more and be sure to check out one of our recent press releases. Shop Metro Screenworks for all of your screen needs.

What you need to know about our screen doors

What You Need to Know About Our Screen Doors

Screen doors are an excellent way to keep out the pests while enjoying fresh outdoor air. Whether you have an extra large door opening or keep replacing your screen door due to your pets, there are a ton of options available for you!

Infographic about types of screen doors

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Opening Size & Style

We offer screen doors that come in all sizes and styles including ones that can be used with French doors, and abnormally large openings like garage doors and porches.

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Traditional Screen Doors

We offer several options for those looking for traditional screen doors — multiple price points, frame colors, and screen material options. For traditional openings we offer:

These come unassembled or assembled, and provide custom options for:

  • Screen mesh type - choose from eight options
  • Frame color - almond, beige, black, bronze, white, and mill (no finish)
  • Width - traditional to custom sizes
  • Width fraction - traditional to custom sizes
  • Length - traditional to custom sizes
  • Length Fraction - traditional to custom sizes
  • Coastal Package Option - stainless steel components

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French Door

If you think having French doors means you can’t have screen doors, think again. Genius® retractable screen doors make it easy to enjoy the protection of a screen. These screen doors will stay out of the way of your French doors when you do decide to use your doors. Enjoy width and height options as well as frame colors. Learn more and shop here!

Large Openings

Change the oil or hangout in your garage watching the neighborhood with more ease and comfort with retractable screens for large openings. These screens can cover the opening of your garage but can also be used for patios, porches, and other large openings that provide ventilation, but need protection from pests. We offer a few styles depending on the area the screen is covering. Use pull-down styles for garage openings and porch enclosures and sliding options for larger openings. Genius provides solutions for everyday problems — shop all of their large opening products here.

Pre-assembled, Easy-To-Install & Unassembled

We offer our screen doors already assembled and ready-to-install. This allows you to avoid having to place the screen and other components in your screen door which can make installing your screen door more complicated. If you’re replacing your screen door, this can be a great option to get a door that will last and you can install yourself. Additionally, we provide Genius COOL retractable screens that can be installed within 30 minutes. Though these offer less customization, they can shorten the installation process.

Unassembled sliding screen doors come with all the parts you need to create your door and install it. Though this option requires a bit more elbow grease, it can fit lower budgets while allowing you to enjoy the same quality of sliding screen door if it had come assembled. Whether you’ve installed many or this is your first screen door you’re assembling and installing, we are here to help! Contact us — our screen experts would love to help you find the perfect new screen door for your needs and help you install it.

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Screen Mesh Types

Another reason why many people love to buy from Metro Screenworks is the screen mesh options we provide. This is one of ways that we can offer solutions to your problems. We offer a variety of screen mesh types that fulfill exactly as they promise:

  • Super screen - 3x stronger than traditional screen, hail-resistant
  • Pet screen - 7x strong than traditional screen, weather resistant, resistant to the sharpest of pet claws and teeth — say goodbye to multiple screen door replacements
  • BetterVue - is nearly invisible to allow you to best enjoy the view outside
  • Copper - offers an elegant look for historic, renovated homes — ages to a bronze-colored patina
  • Solar screen - can provide 65%-90% UV protection for your home’s interiors and energy-efficiency
  • Tiny mesh - can keep gnats and other no-see-um insects out
  • Stainless steel - can withstand lots of wear-and-tear and is resistant to rust

Multiple open doors

Bulk Options

We also provide bulk options of three or more of our sliding screen doors. Our bulk screen doors can still be customized to your specifications. Whether you are a homeowner who needs multiple screen doors, a contractor with a job, or a property owner with several properties, we can work with you to provide you a one-time or on-going supply of the screen doors that you need.

Ready to Order?

Summer is the perfect time to order your new sliding screen door as there are still many more days of warm weather that allow you to open your home for fresh air and get the most out of your screen doors. Visit our website to order your next (and possibly last screen door). Have questions? We would love to help you! We offer a chat option and can be reached through our easy contact form, email, and over the phone. We would love to help you find the perfect product to fit your needs and budget — and help make your house a home. Shop online now!

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