Genius® COOL Retractable Screen Door For Double Door

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Product Overview

COOL Retractable Screen Doors For French Doors allows you to enjoy the benefits of screens without losing the aesthetics of double doors. Our COOL retractable screens come in a variety of frame colors and can be installed in 30 minutes with just a power screwdriver. Enjoy affordable, easy-to-install double screen doors in minutes that retract completely out-of-sight when not in use. COOL retractable screen doors usually ship within 3-5 business days.


  • Flush mount design on outside trim of door
  • For openings up to 68” wide and 96” tall
  • Easy 30-minute installation — only a power screwdriver needed
  • Slides completely out of the way when not in use
  • Powder-coated aluminum housings and tracks
  • All paints and resins include UV inhibitors
  • Durable fiberglass screen mesh
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Why We Choose Genius

At Metro Screenworks, we are committed to providing high-quality products that can truly enhance the lifestyle of our customers. We offer Genius retractable screens because of their consistent and long-lasting quality and performance.

  • Spring tension is 40% less than other screens
  • Easy one-handed operation
  • Mechanical latch and lock
  • Smooth retraction speed with no banging
  • Screen retracts all the way without assistance
  • Ergonomically designed latch/lock handle

Have questions about our double screen doors? Contact us! We have live screen experts available to help you order the right products for your needs. 

For contractors and larger projects, request a bid.


Learn more about our COOL retractable screen door for French doors below. You can also contact us to get answers to specific questions or measuring help, or you can visit our showroom in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. 

What Makes Cool Retractable Screens Different From Other Retractable Screen Doors?

COOL screen doors fit standard, double door openings, are stock items, and are easy-to-install. Because these doors are stock items, less customizations are available, though frame color options are offered. However, as a result, these doors are more affordable and can be installed with only a power screwdriver. Additionally, they ship faster than our custom items. 

Do They Make Screens For Double Doors?

Yes. Retractable double screen doors are the perfect screen solution for French doors as they provide complete insect protection but do not detract from the aesthetics or function of double doors. 

How Do You Put a Screen in a French door?

Install retractable double screen doors. Retractable screens are the best solution for installing screens on French door openings because they can be installed without affecting the aesthetics or function of French doors — compared to sliding screen doors that may be impossible to install and look unsightly.

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 *    2 Cuts Required if less than 32" for single doors and 68" for double doors

**  Door designs and thresholds vary. It may be possible to position the screen upwards or

downwards to fit an opening size not listed.  In such cases, a filler board or trim may need to be applied.

Doors with transoms above the door may also require a filler board or trim before or after installing the

screen.  Always ensure the bottom of the screen is firmly supported.