Sheer Classic Single Panel Retractable Screen

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Product Overview

The Genius® Sheer Classic Retractable Screen is an elegant screening solution for many types of openings. Use a single panel for small openings, or up to 6 panels for larger ones (up to 40 feet wide and 125 inches tall). If you’re looking for a handicap accessible screen, the Sheer Classic is the one for you. Choose from 9 configurations and input your exact measurements to get the perfect fit for your opening! Like the rest of our collection of retractable screens, the Sheer Classic folds into itself when not in-use. Plus, it ships fully assembled and ready to install. 

Sheer Classic Specs: 

  • Available in 6 colors: White, Almond, Tan, Brown, Black, and Mill

  • Fits in openings up to 40’ Wide

  • Fits in openings up to 125” Tall

Benefits of the Sheer Classic

  • Smooth, easy operation: The Sheer Classic is easy to operate and has a smooth, slam-proof design to keep your screen operating perfectly for years to come. 

  • ADA Compliant: The Sheer Classic is accessible for those with physical disabilities, as well as wheelchair users, according to the guidelines outlined by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Versatile Screening Solution: Whether you have a single door, french door, bi-folding doors, or large panoramic openings, the Sheer Classic is the perfect screening solution.

How to order your Genius® Sheer Classic

  1. Measure Your Opening

For more information on measuring your opening, check out our measuring guide

  1. Choose How Many Panels You’d Like

The number of panels you can choose will depend on the width of your opening. Double check that your opening falls within the range for the configuration you’d like.

# Of Panels

Minimum Width

Maximum Width


20 Inches (1.75 Ft)

80 Inches (6.6 Ft)


40 Inches (3.5 Ft)

160 Inches (13.3 Ft)


60 Inches (5 Ft)

240 Inches (20 Ft)


80 Inches (6.6 Ft)

320 Inches (26.6 Ft)


100 Inches (8.3 Ft)

400 Inches (33.3 Ft)


120 Inches (10 Ft)

480 Inches (40 Ft)

  1. Choose Your Configuration

If you’ve selected a 2-, 3-, or 4-panel design, you will have multiple configurations to choose from. 

  1. Customize

Input your exact dimensions and your choice of frame color to get the perfect fit for your home’s needs and aesthetic.


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