Genius Expanse Porch Windows: Turning Your House Into A Home

Nov 11th 2020

Genius Expanse Porch Windows: Turning Your House Into A Home

Genius Expanse Porch Windows: Turning Your House Into A Home

Around 65% of new homes that were built in 2016 include a porch according to a NAHB article. The same article says that new homes with porches increased from 54% in 2005 to 65% in 2011. As a result of this increase, more homeowners have the opportunity to create unique outdoor spaces — customizing their porch area to fit their lifestyle needs. Though some choose to leave their porch as-built, many choose to enclose it.

Why Enclose Your Porch?

Enclosing your porch is a relatively easy home improvement project if you have the right materials, and can allow you to get more out of your home. Enclosing your porch with screens lets you enjoy fresh air any part of the day you choose without having to worry about insect pests. What’s more, as a result you can use your porch space for a variety of purposes including:

  • Dining space
  • Play area for kids and pets
  • Area for relaxation
  • Hobby room
  • And more

Without insect pests, you can also reduce the insect repellent that you wear and other means for keeping bugs and other critters out of your space. What’s more, if you construct your screened porch properly and up to the standards of your neighborhood, you can increase the value of your home. Products like Metro Screenworks Genius Expanse Porch Windows provide you even more options for getting the most out of your porch.

What Are Retractable Screen Porch Windows?

If you are thinking about enclosing your porch you may be wondering how many months out of the year you will be able to enjoy it and really, if it is just screens enclosing your area, how many months of the year you can enjoy your space. With products like Genius Expanse Screened-In Porch Windows you can!

Genius Expanse Screened-In Porch Windows are made with tempered glass panels that can offer some protection from the elements and allow you to enjoy unobstructed panoramic views. However, these glass panels slide revealing retractable screens on the top and bottom of your glass panels. As a result, you can enjoy ventilation whenever the weather suits your preferences, and the glass panels can help to protect you and your space when the weather is less favorable. With windows for screened porch sunrooms, you don’t have to choose between having a space you can use all year round and one that allows you to enjoy fresh, outdoor air — you can enjoy both!

Why Genius Expanse Screened-In Porch Windows Are A Worthy Investment

Like all of the Genius brand products we sell, these retractable screen porch windows are engineered to not only function flawlessly but are made to seal tightly so that when you are truly protected from insects and moisture. What’s more, these windows feature a sash lock for added security and peace of mind. These windows are made to withstand years of use and are essentially maintenance-free and are easy-to-install. Lastly, these retractable windows are available in standard and extra large custom sizes to allow you to create the outdoor space you desire, and they are available in several attractive color options.

Metro Screenworks: Helping You Turn A House Into A Home

Whether you just bought your home or have been in the same house for years, Metro Screenworks provides the high-quality, affordable products that can allow you to truly make your house your home. With products such as Genius Expanse Screened-In Porch Windows, you can enjoy solutions that have been thoroughly engineered and tested to withstand years of use and to perform as promised.

Shop our store online to learn more about Genius Expanse Screened-In Porch Windows and see the possibilities for your home.