​Screens To Enhance At-Home Learning

Sep 28th 2020

​Screens To Enhance At-Home Learning

Screens To Enhance At-Home Learning

The year 2020 has turned out a lot differently than many of us thought it would. It has brought new levels of anxiety, changed our lives temporarily and even, maybe forever. It may have brought some positive change, too. Regardless of your feelings about the last several months, our lives have been different than in the past.

One big difference is how much time we spend at home. Many haven’t stepped foot into an office since early this year, and it isn’t just those in the workforce that have been spending more time at home. Our children have also spent a considerable amount of time and may be doing their learning from the comfort and safety of their own home this fall. With this adjustment, it is crucial that they have a learning environment that enhances learning and focus. Many factors can contribute to children being able to learn at home. However, one of the easiest ways to create a healthy environment is fresh air.

Stick around to learn why fresh, outdoor air is essential to your child’s learning environment and shop the Metro Screenworks website for window screens, screen doors, and other window screen mesh products you’ll love, and will last.

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At-Home Learning & Fresh Air: Why It’s Essential

At-home learning due to Coronavirus is something many parents and their children around the country are having to do. Creating a learning environment in your home may or may not be a convenient thing to do. For some, setting up a spot dedicated to learning may be as easy as refurnshing the home office, but for others due to home or family size this may be less feasible. Regardless of your situation, everyone can benefit from one aspect that can stimulate successful at-home learning — fresh air.

Fresh Air Stimulates Focus

A stuffy, hot room can turn even the most alert person into a lethargic, sleepy head. Fresh air, however, can help increase focus. Not only is it refreshing, but it can increase oxygen in the air around us, allowing more oxygen to circulate to our brains. When the oxygen we need reaches our brain, we feel more alert, awake, and can focus on the task at hand. Fresh air can help increase reading comprehension and overall retainment of important concepts.

Fresh Air Provides a Boost of Energy

Fresh, outdoor air can provide a boost of energy and allow your child to feel energized all day long. Because fresh air can increase the amount of oxygen available in the air, your child may feel more focused and perform better; their energy levels and brain functionality are improved. Open your windows during the morning and evening to add fresh air to your home or, as temperatures cool, keep your windows open all day.

Fresh Air Can Lower Anxiety

We all know that school can be anxiety-inducing for children whether they have to present to their classmates or take a test. Fresh air can also calm anxious nerves and help your child to feel and perform better. How so? When our bodies have an increase in oxygen, our heart has to work less hard to supply our bodies with the oxygen they need. As a result, our blood pressure decreases, and we feel more at ease.

Fresh Air Can Increase Your Child’s Health

Fresh air may also generally increase your child’s health, helping them to be and feel healthy. Fresh air can help our lungs detox and repair themselves allowing us to better absorb oxygen. Also, increased levels of oxygen can improve digestion: with decreased fight-flight responses due to lowered blood pressure, we can better digest our food. Oxygen is also essential for healing — an increase in fresh air can help injuries to heal faster.

Fresh Air May Increase Happiness

When you open the windows and allow fresh air to flow into your home, you can also increase your child’s happiness. Increased levels of oxygen can help increase serotonin levels — a hormone that can help to decrease anxiety, as well. Also, when your child feels more alert and healthy, and is able to perform well, they will feel more confident, more excited to take on new challenges, and be more happy in general.

Metro Screenworks Makes It Easy to Open the Windows

We, at Metro Screenworks, make it easy to open the windows at home to promote an environment for learning. We offer window screens that help filter out pollution, allergens, dust, and other harmful substances, so you and your family can just enjoy fresh air. We also offer screens that can give you peace of mind that your children are safe if they have a tendency to play near the windows in your home as well as options that can provide other benefits. Suffice it to say, we can help you keep the fresh air flowing and the learning going, with high-quality, affordable screens. Here are some of our screen products that can provide the most benefit for at-home learning:

Allergy Guard

Allergy Guard is an air filtration screen that can make opening your windows an attractive option no matter if your area is in the thick of allergy season. Allergy Guard can restrict particles such as:

  • Pollen
  • Allergens
  • Fly ash
  • Agricultural dust
  • Coal dust
  • Bacteria
  • Droplets carrying virus particles

Runny noses, sneezing, watery eyes, and other side effects of allergies can distract from learning and performing on tests. Install Allergy Guard to keep your family safe. Read more and buy online.

Super Screen & Pet Screen

These screen types are several times stronger than traditional screens, which can withstand heavy play as well as the paws, claws, and teeth of our pets and other critters. Keep your window screens and screen door intact with mesh that can take a beating. Both provide enhanced protection:

  • Super screen - 3x stronger than traditional screen
  • Pet screen - 7x stronger than traditional screen

Learn more and shop super screen and pet screen online — buy screen rolls or complete window screens, as well as sliding screen doors.

Security Screen

Security screens for child safety can help you keep your kids safe. Whether you are herding several kids or your child loves to play near the window ledge, child safety screens can help keep your child from falling out of the window and give you peace of mind. Security screen is also pet- and animal-proof and can handle hail, rocks, debris, and other damage.

Learn more and shop child safety screens online and the other security screens we offer here.

Solar Screen

Opening the windows can mean more sun gets in and makes the house hot and uncomfortable. Solar screen can help to mitigate that by blocking a percentage of UV rays. We offer solar screens from strengths of 65%-90%. We also provide solar screens in several colors, as well. Lower inside temperatures, enjoy the benefits of energy-efficiency, and protect your child from sunburn with solar screen.

Shop all available solar screen products on our online store.


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