Pet Protection for Your Screen Doors

Apr 27th 2017

Do you have a pet who you love, but does immense damage to your screens? Are you feeling frustrated that you can’t seem to keep your window screens or your sliding screen doors looking nice? We at Metro Screenworks understand the struggle and offer high-quality screen systems, window screen material, sliding screen doors, and screen door repair parts. Here are just a few of the effective options that we provide!

High-Quality & Durable Window Screen Material

Often, one of the best solutions to pet wear and tear on screens is to invest in high-quality window screen material that can be used for your sliding screen door, as well. Metro Screenworks believes in offering custom screen solutions and so, can offer a variety of solutions for your screen needs, but two types that we suggest to prevent pet damage on your screens are our pet screen and super screen.

Pet Screen

Metro Screenworks’ pet screen is made of vinyl coated polyester that is 7 times heavier than traditional sliding screen doors and window screen materials made from fiberglass and aluminum wire. Pet screen is resistant to tearing and other damage caused by your furry friends. Install pet screen in your screen door, pet screen door, window screens, and more. We sell pet screen in bright vibrant colors, as well as traditional black and gray. We sell our pet screen in rolls of 100 feet or smaller and can install it in other screen products that you order from us, too. Contact us for more information! And watch a video about our pet screen’s durability!

Super Screen

Super screen is another great option to withstand the wear and tear that our pets put on our screens. It is not as thick or heavy as our pet screen, so for pets that put extra wear and tear on window screens and sliding screen doors, you may want to stick with pet screen for your screening needs. Super screen, like pet screen offers more durability than standard fiberglass and aluminum window screen material and comes with a 10 year warranty. Super screen is hail resistant as well, making it a great option for screened-in porch panels and other similar projects. Though super screen is considered a heavy-duty sliding door and window screen material, it does not obstruct your view. Super screen is available in rolls or in our other custom screen systems.

Pet Screen Door

Don’t have a pet door for your sliding screen door? Maybe you should consider one! A pet screen door can cut down considerably on the wear and tear that your pet puts on your screen door, due simply to your pet not needing to scratch to let you know they need to go out. Installing your pet screen door is easy and can be installed in your screen door or your window screens. When you install your pet screen door, use super screen, because pet screen is too thick to be used with this product. Our 8”x 10” pet door is made with high-quality products and can be ordered online!

Screen Repair Parts

Has your pet torn your screen door to shreds or did they accidently tear completely through it? Sounds like it is time to replace your current screen. Metro Screenworks can offer a variety of options. First, if your sliding screen door frame is bent, consider buying one of our custom screen doors. We sell all the sliding screen door repair parts that you need to install your new sliding screen door. If it’s simply your screen that needs to be replaced, order some of our pet screen or super screen and screen installation hardware. Unsure how to install a screen door and what screen door repair parts or tools you need? Read our FAQ page or contact us!

Custom Screen Doors

As we mentioned earlier, Metro Screenworks offers a variety of custom sliding screen door options! If your beloved dog or cat has irreparably damaged your screen door, maybe it’s time to consider a screen door that better fits your actual door. We sell several screen systems for French doors. We also offer retractable screen doors and more.

You’ve Got Problems? We’ve Got Solutions!

Metro Screenworks has multiple options for you so you can have the screens that will keep you comfortable and will provide the durability that you need. We can offer you ways to keep your window screens intact as well as your sliding screen doors. Thought you couldn’t have a screened in porch because of the wear that your pet already puts on your window screens and sliding screen door? Use our pet screen or super screen for your porch screen panels and start enjoying a screened in porch this summer!

We’d love to help you have the window screen materials, screen door repair parts, and custom screen systems. Shop our full inventory online or call us!

Interested in learning more about custom screen solutions, what you can do with a screened in porch, and more about Metro Screenworks’ products? Read our blog!