Catios: The Purrrfect Way to Spoil Your Kitty

The catio is a growing trend that allows cat moms and dads everywhere to treat their little furbabies to a bit of fresh air and sunshine, while allowing their cats to feel safe and protected from bugs and pests. If you’ve ever wanted to spoil your feline friend more than you ever have before, a catio is a great way to do it. 

Metro Screenworks would love to help you create the purrrfect catio for your cat. Check out our tips for building the perfect catio and be sure to shop our pet screen and super screen. Pet screen and super screen are stronger than average screening materials and can withstand the wear and tear of our kitty’s teeth, paws, and claws. 






Pick A Design

First, choose your design! Catios come in all shapes and sizes. From a cat-sized window box perfect for sunning, to a full-sized mansion with plenty of space to play all day, the options are endless! Be sure to think about your cat’s age and habits. Older cats typically need less space to play versus younger cats who tend to be more active.

Decide on Your Budget

While choosing your design, you should also be thinking about your budget: how much do you have to spend on your catio? Size and what you decide to put in your catio can determine how much you will spend.

Choose the Perfect Spot

Choosing the perfect spot will be determined by the type of catio you decide to build as well as your furry friend’s habits. If they have a specific window that they love, why not build off of that window or nearby? If your kitty loves getting some sun, be sure to pick a spot that gets plenty of sunshine.

Select Building Materials

Once you know what you’re building, it’s time to select building materials that you know will give you a sound structure and withstand kitty paws and claws. We suggest those building a DIY-catio to invest in pet screen or super screen.

  • Pet screen is seven times stronger than a regular screen and will keep bug-pests out.

  • Super screen is three times strong than regular screening materials and can protect your cat from mosquitos and other pests.

Build It & Enjoy

Once you know the type of catio you will spoil your feline friend with and where you will build it, you can start the process. Always remember, you can add on to your catio at any time to make it the ultimate cat hangout your furbaby will love!


Ready to get started building your own catio, but still have questions? Check our FAQs below!

What is a Catio?

A catio can take many shapes and sizes; it can be a cat-sized enclosed window box or an enclosed porch dedicated to kitty play time and cat mom or dad relaxation.

 How Do I Build a Catio?

When you start planning to build your catio, the best place to start is to think about your budget, your cat's age (older cats tend to be less active and need less play area), their habits, and the space you have to dedicate to your catio. 

What is the Best Catio?

The best catio is one that fits within your budget and meets your cat's needs. It should also have a sound foundation that will keep your catio strong and secure. Ultimately, the best catio is one that makes you can your kitty happy. 

How Will My Cat Access Their Catio?

Depending on the type of catio you build, your feline friend will be able to access their catio by a pet door in a window or a screened-in catwalk. 

Where Should I Build My Catio?

 The design of your catio will determine where you put it. You can place it on the side of your home next to your cat’s favorite window or enclose your porch and make it the purrrfect play place for your kitty.

What Should My Catio Have In It?

A catio can have whatever you want in it! We suggest always including a perch to allow your kitty to relax and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine as well as ramps, cat trees, and their favorite toys. You can even include plants and a chair for you to hang-out with your cat. 

Should I Decorate my Catio?

If you want to, you can! We suggest including cat-friendly decorations such as signs, statues, plants and more! Make your catio something that you and your kitty will love for years to come.