What is Pet-Resistant Screen?

Posted by Metro Screenworks on Mar 16th 2022

What is Pet-Resistant Screen?

What is Pet-Resistant Screen?

Have your pets ever destroyed your window screens or screen doors? No matter if your fur babies are just puppies or kittens, or they are full-grown, they can cause damage to your window screens and sliding screen doors. Instead of resolving yourself to having shredded screens or screens that are full of holes which prevent you from opening your windows or doors and impact your home’s curb appeal, replace them with pet screen.

Pet-Resistant Screen 101

Pet-resistant screen, also called “pet screen.” is window screen mesh that has been engineered especially for toughness. This type of screen is the toughest screen that Metro Screenworks offers and is seven times stronger than fiberglass screen. Pet screen is vinyl-coated polyester window screen material that can withstand paws, claws, teeth, and collisions.

Where Should I Install Pet Screen Mesh?

Pet screen can be installed anywhere where you have screens, including your window screens, sliding screen doors, catios, and pet enclosures, and patio enclosures. However, many pet owners choose to install it in their sliding screen doors as these tend to take the most use-and-abuse from our four-legged friends. If your cat likes to climb your window screens, install pet screen there, as well.

Dog and cat cuddlingWe offer sliding screen doors with pet-resistant screen already installed as well as pre-made window screens with pet screen, and bulk screen rolls.

Pet Screen Isn’t Just For Pets . . .

Pet-resistant screen isn’t just durable against the claws and teeth of our domesticated buddies. Pet screens can withstand the destruction of some critters such as squirrels, raccoons, rabbits, and other animals. Pet screen mesh can be a helpful deterrent against such animals, but there are other screen types like stainless steel screen that can also be helpful against other furry nuisances.

Other Uses For Pet Screen

Pet screen mesh can also be used for other projects in which you need a sturdy screening material. Use it for creating indestructible catios, hammocks, pet beds, bags, hats, patio furniture, and other DIY projects. Metro Screenworks offers pet-resistant screen in multiple colors so you can bring your vision to life.

When Should You Not Use Pet-Resistant Screen?

The derent that keeps some homeowners from using pet screen is that because of its increased durability, it is a course screening material that can obstruct the outward view. If this is a concern, super screen can be a great alternative to pet screen as it is three-times stronger than fiberglass screen. If you’d like to see pet screen or super screen before you buy it, you can always request a sample or you can stop by our showroom in Denver, Colorado.

If you’ve ever felt like you’ve had to choose between having a beautiful home — or at least functioning screens — and having a furbaby, then pet-resistant screen is for you: you no longer have to choose. What’s more, installing this type of screen can cut down on maintenance costs and time spent repairing or replacing your window screens and sliding screen doors.

We offer pet screen in pre-assembled sliding screen doors and screen door kits, as well as in screen rolls, replacement window screens, and other products. Shop the Metro Screenworks website to learn more about our products and buy online. Also be sure to check out our dog doors for screens doors and other pet screen accessories!