What is a Catio?

Feb 25th 2019

What is a Catio?

Kitten poking head around a tree and the title "what is a catio?"

What is a Catio?

One of the latest home improvement projects appearing on the internet and Pinterest boards is the catio. What is a catio? Glad you asked! Keep reading Metro Screenworks’ latest blog post.

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4 Basic Types of Catios

Like our kitties, catios come in all shapes and sizes. However, there are four basic designs that you will see circulating the internet. Check out these designs and start designing your cat’s favorite outdoor oasis, today!

Infographic about the types of catios

The Window Box

Does your kitty have a favorite window to peer out or to sun themselves. If so, this might be the purrrfect place to build your cat their small catio. A window box catio is a great design for:

  • Older, less active cats
  • Lower budgets
  • Limited space

The window box gives your kitty their own protected space to enjoy some sun and fresh air.

The Treehouse

The next step up from the window box catio is the tree house. A treehouse can be about the same width as a window box catio, but it will taller and go all the way down to the ground. The tree house gives your kitty a place to sun themselves as well as a place to play. A treehouse can have multiple shelves and other play things. You would consider a tree house for:

  • Active house cats
  • Low to mid-range budgets
  • Limited space

The treehouse is the purrrfect outdoor getaway for your kitty to play outside in a protected space.

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The Mansion

The mansion catio is for the cat parent who wants to spoil their kitty rotten. A mansion is essentially a mini-screened in porch made just for your kitty. A mansion can include multiple shelves, perches, a cat tree, and other play things. A mansion allows for active cats to truly get their fill of play and for multiple cats to play at the same time. Reasons to build a catio mansion:

  • Mid-range to high budget
  • You have multiple, active cats
  • No space constraints

If your cat is a diva, they definitely want a mansion.

The Ultimate Catio

A mansion will spoil your kitty. However, the ultimate catio is a way to give your cat the optimal luxurious experience and even treat yourself, too. The ultimate catio is a screened in area with ample space for kitties to play all day as well as a chair or two for you to hangout with your cat while they play. You should treat your cat to the ultimate catio for:

  • Mid-range to high budget
  • You have active cats
  • Spending time with your kitty outside
  • Larger spaces for a screened in porch.

The ultimate catio may seem like an investment. However, the benefits of being outside and spending time with your cat are priceless. 

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